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  1. What Parts do we want developed for Supra??

    I really want someone to make Varis style fenders for the Supra. Here's what i'm talking about:
  2. Black MKV from Qatar Track/Street

    Clearly one of the best threads on this forum. Can't wait to see you do faster laps around Losail! :D
  3. No ventilated seats?

    I hate the fact that BMW doesn't make perforated/ventilated leather seats. My IS has them and its the best thing on a sunny day to keep your butt cool. Lexus makes one of the best seats in the market right now, they could have just used the seats from the RC-F :(
  4. Supra center of gravity

    boss man:D
  5. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    This is the second time BestCar has previewed this render, they might have seen something:rolleyes:
  6. Car & Driver Dyno Results: The 2020 Toyota Supra Makes More Power Than Toyota Claims

    My only worry is that this car doesn’t behave like it makes those numbers. I have seen quite a few videos and it launches very decently. I’d expect a car with those numbers to do be a tire shredding monster. So either it doesn’t make those numbers or it’s dialed in perfectly
  7. Dubai A90 orders - confusions and mystery

    Hi Imoj1, Al-Futtaim Toyota will officially bring this car to Dubai in a few months. No word on the official date though. So far this seems to be the only sensible of purchasing it as it will be covered under warranty and will be priced around AED 210-250k. There's one supra that has already...
  8. First TRD Parts (and Pricing) Available For 2020 Supra

    I’ll wait for the eBay replicas
  9. New rumors from C&D: 2020 Supra to get BMW inline six engine / B58 & S58 chat

    Is a stock n55/s55 better than a highly tuned b58 in terms of daily drivability? Does going stage 3 ruin the smoothness of the engine?
  10. Oil leaks

    Not something I was hoping to see. That said, I still have my faith in Toyota. They will get rid of most of these issues by the time this car reaches full production. On the other hand even extremely reliable cars like the 3rd Gen Lexus IS had some revisions made for (2015) its second year of...
  11. Toyota Supra Size Dimensions Comparison Thread

    very well done!
  12. The Supra B58 engine has potential (440whp/460wtq)

    That's good numbers! Are the motors above 500 hp suitable for daily driving?
  13. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    A70, how come Toyota hasn't mentioned GR Supra being more rigid than the LFA ever since the launch? :rolleyes:
  14. Game: Post your personal pros/cons on the MKV Supra

    Pros: 1. Design - Subjective but I think they've done a very good job with the exterior. 2. Track Focused - Agree with @MA617, too many cars nowadays are focusing on straight line performance only. I'm really excited to see how it performs on the track and I'm very confident it will not fail to...
  15. Take a look at the interior of the 2020 Supra

    Has anyone else noticed the crazy amount of panel gap in the bottom section of the doors? I have an accord coupe and it barely shows any metal skin from the inside. Maybe it's a pre-production model thing?
  16. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    The only issue I see with the future GRMN models is the price. The base car should've started around $45K for what it is. Sure, the future models will be amazing and probably offer a pure driving experience but I can only imagine what the pricing for those models will be. $50-70k range offers a...
  17. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    A70, big thanks for all your contributions to this forum. I wouldn't be half as excited as I am for this car if it wasn't for you. Hope to see you in the Build section in the future! ;)