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  1. Garage whifbitz vs Seibon spoiler

    Thx so much. Whats funny, there are GW replicas on aliexpress/alibaba and no Seibon/LG... Its between seib/lg for me I think, since I dont have better spoiler idea atm..
  2. Garage whifbitz vs Seibon spoiler

    Any1 here has Garage Whifbitz spoiler ( )? It seems very simmilar to Seibon but there are so few pictures on the net I cant judge what is an actual difference in size between those two, I heared Seibon is a...
  3. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    Nothing, just S58 is a better version of B58 :D I'd rather see -100kg than +200hp tbh... And manual... every1 says they will buy one but when its time to put money on the table 9/10 gets an auto. I agree with brakes (never 2much stopping power) and lighter wheels (11.5kg stock is not "optimal").
  4. GT4RS VS Z06

    Good luck getting allocation for GT4RS, its not that simple just having the money for it ;) The car itself is epic, the perfect Porsche I'd love to own, but like with every Cayman I drove, it will be less fun on the road, Caymans show everything on the track with serious speeds, pushed to the...
  5. 2.0 B48 Muffler Delete

    Remember the muffler on this car is actually a part of under-aero, you are basically leaving an empty space that changes air flow ;)
  6. Track Alignment

    Why not sth like mentioned above? Max -camber everywhere, 0 toe front and slight toe in on the rears.
  7. Closest Ekanoo Type Wing for Supra '21?

    Seibon? Or lower version of this design: LG Motorsports Heritage wing.
  8. SupraMKV2.0 Build Thread

    Do stiffer springs and sway bars + add strut brace in the front (something connected like Cusco or Blitz) + good alignment. This will be more than "a bit" and 99% enough ;)
  9. 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0 Dyno Results

    Yo, You got that article about b58 and b48 part sharing? As for oil cooler, I was told by Toyota tech 2.0 lacks it compared to 3.0 :/ But appears it has one after all?
  10. 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0 Dyno Results

    2.0 has only transmission cooler and no engine oil cooler, as far as I know. 3.0 got both.
  11. 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0 Dyno Results

    B48 and B58 are not the same. They are both closed deck but B48 dont have forged parts like B58 does to my knowledge, for sure not in the ammount the B58 has. Even B46 which is basically a lower emission/lower power B48 is already internally different. Also B48 in a Supra is a way different...
  12. 2021 Toyota Supra 2.0 Dyno Results

    I'd be scared to blow up the engine at this power level already, B48 is not as strong as B58, I heared piston rings get cracked easily on B48 at high nm levels = loss of compression = new engine. I myself wouldnt tune it over 320hp crank hp if I wanted to drive the car agressively a lot.
  13. Can I fit a US-spec exhaust onto a UK car

    What for US downpipe? In what sense its not plug&play to EU dp? Just tune the opf deletion out and good to go, no?
  14. Supra 2.0 18'' OEM wheel weight.

    Thats with the box or wheel only?
  15. Supra 2.0 18'' OEM wheel weight.

    How :D Fronts are 1" narrower than back, there must be a weight difference. 3.0 19's are 24lbs front + 25.3 lbs rear. Not big but still a difference. I'd assume here may be bigger since 18's are cast.
  16. Front Sway Bar - In Stock?

    Or do adjustable front only and set in on softest setting (around 135% stiffer than stock)?
  17. Supra 2.0 18'' OEM wheel weight.

    Any weight difference between fronts vs rears since they are different width (18x9 vs 18x10)? :) So 28lbs are fronts or rears? Very appreciate the info!
  18. Lowering Springs in 2.0?

    They will coz 3.0 and 2.0 has same sway bar size front and rear ;) As for springs Id use BMW 30i ones from Z4, the 3.0 Supra onea has different load values to account for more weight.
  19. Do you regret buying your 2.0?

    In Europe we have a SportPack for 2.0 - adaptive suspension, eLSD and bigger red Brembo brakes go back on the car. All that for around 3k USD ;) Add to that anti body roll parts like You mentioned and... ;) There is nothing that can be done to 3.0 to mimic the engine placement of 2.0, they are...