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  1. OEM brakes and rotors

    I have original brakes and rotors from my 2020 premium that I upgraded brakes on. The boxes are heavy and shipping would be prohibitive. $500 obo.
  2. 2021 OEM Wheels/tires/TMPS

    Selling stock wheels and tires from a 2021 Supra premium. Tires are factory Michelin SSP and have 3,600 hwy miles on them. Rims and tires are flawless with no damage whatsoever. They come with TPMS. Would rather not ship yet at this time unless absolutely necessary. Located in New Hampshire and...
  3. Window trim cleaning?

    Most the manufactures recommend silicone grease. I wipe it on an let it soak for a day and then wipe it off. My RV manufacturer recommend the same. Just like the vaseline if you wipe it well it keeps the rubber flexible and stops cracks.
  4. Mimosa's Build

    Looks amazing. Did you figure out the cover?
  5. New England MKV’s

    I am in. can we get more? I know you're out there.
  6. 2020 Renaissance Red Premium Edition

    They are the original rims with powder coat.
  7. 2020 Renaissance Red Premium Edition

    Just the brakes.
  8. 2020 Renaissance Red Premium Edition

    2020 Toyota Supra 3.0 Premium Location: New Hampshire VIN: Miles: 5,100 Transmission: Automatic Color: Renaissance Red 2.0 Interior: Black Leather Interior Title: Clean Title with lien @ Toyota Finance Corp Maintenance history available No accidents Price: $53,000 Why I’m selling: I bought the...
  9. New England MKV’s

    Can we get a NE ride together?
  10. SOLD Supra OEM 19" Wheels w/ tires

    I will give you 1000
  11. Launch Edition Seats Red Leather!

  12. Launch Edition Seats Red Leather!

    He doesnt have them anymore?
  13. DarkZupra's Build

    What suspension did you order?
  14. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I love those hoods but no one can answer this, is there rain gutters under the vents? It appears there is on the companies web site but the pictures don't show enough to see where rain would go.
  15. NH/ME Supras

    I am in southern NH and have seen about six supras locally as in Dover NH South Berwick ME. Anybody interested in a gathering or a ride?
  16. WTB Stock Downpipes

    I have one to sell.
  17. Lets see them aftermarket hoods

    I want to see a saris hood. From underneath. Love the hood but rain concerns me because I cant tell if it has catch pans.
  18. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Did the full screen CarPlay firmware upgrade! Worth it with EasyBimmerCoding.