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  1. wait for 2022 or get a 2021?

    So you assume that I’m a peasant who works at a supermarket so I have nothing to lose or something lol? I don’t street race either. Me and other Supra drivers rent out a drag strip when we want to have fun. My local shop has at least 4 GTRS, corvettes, Cadillac’s and 911 turbos with over 1000hp...
  2. wait for 2022 or get a 2021?

    The platform is too easy to make massive power with to keep stock. My recently acquired E50 catless tune will decimate a stock Supra. Why wouldn’t I want to upgrade it if I can? This is a tuner car. I’m taking full advantage of its capabilities.
  3. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    I prefer to be precise with my mix. When I fill up I end up with e49 to e50. That’s why the flex fuel kit is invaluable to me. Of course all this will be irrelevant once I go e85 once I get the CSF intake manifold and go port injection. For now, it will suffice.
  4. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    No he actually did not know about it. I showed him how the flex fuel content is shown on ecutek and in the sport display and he needed it. He was just mixing gas and ethanol without knowing the numbers. He has no problem paying for the kit but the fact that Botti didn’t even mention the flex...
  5. wait for 2022 or get a 2021?

    No point in have the S58 since it can’t be unlocked. The 2020 unlocked ECU and a few 2021 with the early unlockable ECUs are what you should be going for. Supra isn’t that fun if the performance can’t be extensively modified. The stock power level and even the jb4 power increase gets old quick.
  6. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    I prefer Payn. Botti legit gave someone I know a E50 tune without telling them they need flex fuel sensor kit to properly mix ethanol with the gas. Botti rushes through his tunes and clients.
  7. Lets Talk Traction - Straight Line

    No 305s stick out too much. 295 is just right for rear wheel.
  8. Lets Talk Traction - Straight Line

    I have same mods as you except Payn tune and yes first gear is useless to launch in. I only had E50 tune for 2 days so far. I need to practice driving manual mode as it seems way better than sport mode in automatic. I think switching over to the Mickey Thompson ET street R will help me a lot. I...
  9. Lets Talk Traction - Straight Line

    I got rid of my stock PSS in less than 1k miles on car. They are terrible even for stock power. I just got E50 tune yesterday from Payn and even my te37sl on 305 width continental extremecontact sports are seeing their limits. Need to slap on my Mickey Thompson ET STREET R (305/45/17) on weld...
  10. Continental Extremecontact DWS 06 F/S

  11. BMW m2cs vs Toyota Supra (2021)

    M2CS is insanely overpriced….
  12. A91-CF pricing. $64,275 starting MSRP

    I did say car enthusiast, not collector.
  13. A91-CF pricing. $64,275 starting MSRP

    This is not worth it. Don’t get lured into the cf. Can’t even tune it so what’s the point. The used 2020 and some tuneable 2021s used are way more valuable to a car enthusiast than this.
  14. Pure850 turbo with stock trans

    Lag is the least of your worries trying to run an 850 on stock trans. You’re gonna need LPFP also from pure 800 turbo onwards. Otherwise, your tuner will have to heavily detune the car to save your stock trans from getting destroyed. Build your transmission.
  15. 2021 Refraction Blue A91 Supra for sale. ECU date 3/20

    I have a refraction with the same ECU build date! Definitely worth buying!
  16. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    That sinister laugh made the video more enjoyable.
  17. Continental Extremecontact DWS 06 F/S

    No idea why people are comparing a summer tire to an all season tire… 🤦🏻‍♂️
  18. What performance mods for 21 without tune?

    So true. Stock PSS tires are trash. I changed out to TE37SLs and extremecontact sports in less than 1000 miles after I got the car. 305 rear tires are perfect for it. So much better for stock power levels. However, that grip went out the window once Jeff Payn did my 93 catless tune. 🤣 Now I’m...