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  1. PhD Racing Supra Wins At Long Beach Global Time Attack

    Congrats Jackie! Hope to see you at Buttonwillow in November
  2. What Shifter Paddles Do You Guys Like?

    I use these from Goldenwrench and they feel really nice.
  3. Ohlins Road & Track

    It can go a little lower but it's not recommended. After trying the stock springs we'll upgrade to some swift springs and see how they preform.
  4. Ohlins Road & Track

    First Impressions: Car feels great with the Ohlins, really liking how they feel on the street. Can't wait to try these out on the track. They however don't go as low as some of the other other options out there. Mostly designed to stay at near stock ride height if not just a tad lower. We did...
  5. Ohlins Road & Track

    Finally getting these installed tomorrow. Then an alignment for these bad boys on Saturday
  6. Ohlins Road & Track

    My IG is supra.kase
  7. Ohlins Road & Track

    Here's a picture I took when I was inspecting everything. I haven't installed these yet. Still waiting on the camber plates to come in :) I'll update here or on my IG on how they feel.
  8. Ohlins Road & Track

    90N/mm front and 160N/mm rear
  9. Ohlins Road & Track

    Getting my set in tomorrow and going to be pairing this up with Vorshlag Camber plates!
  10. PPF / Ceramic Coating SoCal

    Yes 3k for full front end ppf and entire car ceramic pro gold. Paid in cash so that might be why.
  11. PPF / Ceramic Coating SoCal

    Ceramic Pro and Stek Dynoshield i think it was around 3k
  12. PPF / Ceramic Coating SoCal

    Took mine to AeroWerkz and they did an amazing job! Did a full front PPF and full car ceramic coated. Have some pictures posted here:
  13. Any local people from OC want to meet n’greet?

    Congrats on the new car!
  14. [SoCal] 2021 Stock Wheels and Tires For Sale

    One more set up for grabs if anyone wants it. Prefer to stay local or buyer covers shipping.
  15. [SoCal] 2021 Stock Wheels and Tires For Sale

    Sent you a PM
  16. [SoCal] 2021 Stock Wheels and Tires For Sale

    Wheels/Tires came from my 2021 Supra 3.0 Premium. All the wheels are ceramic coated with Ceramic Pro. They have about 1,100 miles on them. There is a small curb rash that is easily repairable on the rear left wheel but every other wheel is in excellent condition! Comes with TPMS sensor. Will...
  17. INGS JAPAN Body Kit! Order Yours!

    I assume in order to fit the front fenders you need the side skirts too right?