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    Good observation, doesn't make it any more or less necessary. Should he call you names simply because he has a different viewpoint as you? Does that add to the conversation or is it just someone being rife with emotion then acting on that emotion behind the safety of a keyboard? Can't blame...
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    Starting a sentence with "Okay boomer" unironically isn't a good look m8. Discrediting someone based on their demographic is a sign that you have nothing to add to the debate and are just emotional. Please gather your thoughts and return when you can have a conversation without insulting your...
  3. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    You gotta start somewhere my friend! Even if it's just finding the right wheels/tires/air pressure to get the mid-low 3 second 0-60's.
  4. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    Couldn't agree more here. Downpipe and tune is hardly what I would call a build.
  5. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    This is brilliant m8 :lol:. I definitely plan on using this one in other forums.
  6. 0-60 Times....

    I just took a look at the article that was quoted earlier to see if anything was mentioned. There are no details of track prep, but they do mention that their testing was done on a test track. Considering that you were on bare street, I'd say sub 4 seconds is very nice in the conditions at the...
  7. 0-60 Times....

    The variation might be caused by a difference in surface. Were these runs on a street or on a prepped strip?
  8. New A90 Supra HP Record! Bone stock!

    Ahh, gotcha. Sorry about the confusion m8.
  9. New A90 Supra HP Record! Bone stock!

    Stephen Papadakis is currently working on a 1000HP build. He just uploaded the video of him putting the his B58 back together with some upgraded go-fast parts about 12 hours ago, link to the video is below. It's worth giving him a follow as he states his next video will show their attempt at...
  10. First TRD Parts (and Pricing) Available For 2020 Supra

    I hate myself for saying this but I absolutely love it, wing and all. This brings back some serious 90s nostalgia for me. Talk about an emotional connection lol
  11. Toyota Supra vs Ford Mustang

    Just a tune would be enough, somewhere around 400whp and another 50 ft/lb I think
  12. Toyota Supra vs Ford Mustang

    For anyone wondering, they only do 1 pull and cut out after that.. not much content but fun.
  13. Toyota Supra vs Ford Mustang

    If anyone's looking for some morning content:
  14. Active Autowerke Exhaust For A90 Supra

    Sounds incredible! I love that blue in the sunlight too, it really shows the lines of the car.
  15. AT & MT Feedback Needed

    Probably because a low sell rate means they have to charge more to earn their money back on all the time/money invested in making a manual Supra. You need to justify it to the accountants.
  16. First used Supra hits market.

    Should have sold them his wife instead
  17. New A90 Supra HP Record! Bone stock!

    @SlowGTR will you be trying a few passes at the track with this tune? If so, when do you think you'll be able to?
  18. New A90 Supra HP Record! Bone stock!

    that's a good question, has anyone started breaking them yet? What was the point they failed at?
  19. Winter storage procedures / Are you storing Supra for winter?

    I start my car up at least once a week during winter storage and air up the tires as another user has said. I'll also roll the car slowly back and forth a little bit just to keep everything oiled/engaged/moving during the storage timeframe. If anyone has any tips or tricks for winter storage...