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  1. 2021 Supra 3.0 Premium (Tunable) Feeler.

    He says he's buying a Miami Blue 911. 911 + PTS cars are hard to find, so im guessing money isnt a problem.... Wish i had those problems... 🤣
  2. New Supra Shopper

    IMO would find a used 2020. There are a handful of 2021 that burn oil, and its too early to tell on the 22s. You can still find a few used 2020s in the low 50s. There's also the fact it will be easier to get a tune.
  3. Rear Axle Failure

    What's even worse. Watching another Mkv break an axle and being pushed off the track right before I had to make a pass.
  4. A90 MKV Aftermarket Parts for sale…

    wow. really nice parts. Really surprised that no one had jumped on the car with all these parts on a Phantom. Good luck on the sale.
  5. 2020 phantom 22,000 miles KCMO $56K

    Rare to see Phantom for sale. Nice. Good luck on the sale.
  6. BC Forged LE 81?

    Unfortunately I’ve got the stepped lips. But it is on a black car.
  7. What's the PID for flex fuel tune e%?

    if we’re talking ecutek you need racerom and the setting for that feature would need to be enabled by your tuner
  8. What's the PID for flex fuel tune e%?

    You still need the flex fuel sensor installed to get ethanol content
  9. Brand New Visconti A90/A91 Supra Flex Fuel Kit × 1 Red Display

    factory ECU does not have an ethanol content sensor which is what this kit includes. The OEM ecu does not interface with the sensor so a new tune on ecutek is needed so it can compensate with different ethanol content
  10. The dead and off topic thread.

    Sheesh. Move outta Cali. Problem solved.
  11. Does your tune shoot flames?

    just add meth...
  12. [WTB] Stock Downpipe

    Maybe a few months ago they were fetching $1k. 800-900 is the going rate from my research.
  13. CTS Boss Turbo Kit

    Yeah, that was what he was claiming in his ig post.... But with the ECU being tuned, it would be a tough case to argue.
  14. CTS Boss Turbo Kit

    Honestly have no idea... Dude deleted his IG shortly after it happened. I was really curious also, we had another local Supra that wrecked a few weeks after he did. Owner also claimed that his steering wheel locked up and was unable to avoid an accident.
  15. [WTB] Stock Downpipe

    Order it from Toyota, its around $900.
  16. Driver Assistance Support Reduced - Pedestrian and Frontal Collision (lasting)

    Crazy I had this pop up before. I believe someone bumped my car with a cart in a parking lot since the radar sensor was shifted. I pulled the bumper off and realigned the sensor and made sure all connectors were connected and tight, it went away shortly after a 50 mile drive
  17. CTS Boss Turbo Kit

    Just to add.. this was that gray car in the IG post shortly afterwards…
  18. Colts noctural black build

    Ah that sucks to hear. I mentioned it on another thread, this car was somewhat local to me and it was previously tuned on Ecutek.
  19. Colts noctural black build

    How is your ECU still locked? It was flashed with MHD right?
  20. CTS Boss Turbo Kit

    Wondering if Titan ever had another test car. That car was wrecked awhile ago, shortly after it was tuned last year.