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  1. Installed Eibach Z4 3.0 lower springs .8” drop

    I agree with everyone else about the ride quality not being compromised. It also seemed to make it more planted, or maybe that was attributed to the extra width in track I gained when I added spacers. I can’t tell if it reduced body roll over stock because there’s still plenty of roll after the...
  2. Official ABSOLUTE ZERO WHITE Supra Club Thread

    Decided to add a few from my latest track day:
  3. Active Autowerke DOWNPIPES IN STOCK!

    Hi, checking to see if this is in stock and if there are any Black Friday deals on it. Thanks!
  4. First HPDE with the Supra

    Not sure. I usually track with Porsche Club America, BMW Club, or Just Track It. I actually forgot about the NASA membership. I need to look into that. Since all the cool kids are running DPs and intake without a problem then I will too. Just in time for Black Friday deals.
  5. First HPDE with the Supra

    That sounds perfect. Would a catted DP combined with my MST intake be safe to run without a tune? I know I won’t see significant power gains without a tune, but I just want to be sure it’s okay to hammer it on the track and have the factory tune keep everything from going pop.
  6. First HPDE with the Supra

    I had my first track weekend with the Supra and I’m really impress with how it did. For various reasons, I wasn’t able to do any track prep on the car before the event. I went in with stock brake fluid and haven’t even had a chance to get the car aligned after I installed the Z4 Eibach springs...
  7. Caught a rock today

    There were two large rocks that hit my window on my Supra and so far so good. It’s much stronger than my camaro glass. I had to replace that 3 times! And it was the expensive Pilkington brand with the HUD. I bet that was really damn loud when it hit your window to crack it.
  8. Are there any options for the SPORT button?

    Yeah, same here. The radio preset buttons will automatically switch from FM to satellite radio so the radio mode button seems like a waste. Programming it as a drive mode would be sweet.
  9. Does your tune shoot flames?

    I like where your head’s at.
  10. A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    Gross. Excuse me while I attempt to drink the memory of seeing this atrocity away.
  11. Best Phone Holder

    My iPhone 12 gets too hot charging on the built in charger. A hot battery degrades very quickly over time. I drive a lot so it’s not practical for me to leave it on there for long periods. And if I put the phone on the tray above it then it will going flying off because I drive like an asshole.
  12. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Beautiful color. I’m happy with white but that blue is what I really wanted. Congrats and welcome.
  13. Ben's Supra Build

    The fenders look great! I’m not into that old school metal mesh either, but there are some options out there now that look more OEM. If you search “honeycomb ABS plastic” on Amazon you’ll find a few options. Maybe hit the inside of the vent with plastidip (any overspray is easy to wipe off) then...
  14. Do you miss your previous cars? I miss mines from time to time

    I was a little sad when I sold my Camaro SS 1LE, but that was mostly because I grew so much as a driver during the 3 years I owned it. I thrashed it on HPDE weekends and it never missed a beat. So I had an appreciation for that particular car, but not that type of car in general. I’ve had an...
  15. All-new 2023 Nissan Z makes world debut!

    I like this Z, like a lot. But I definitely like my Supra better. I’ll be happy to roll with one of these in any meetup or HPDE. These are good times!
  16. What is everyone's Daily Driver/ Other car?

    Those 2.7 are pretty stout. I was surprised when I drove my buddy’s F150 with it.
  17. R888R's at the Dragstrip

    I don’t drag race in R888R but I have them as my track setup. These tires need heat to stick on the track so I’m guessing they need a decent burnout to get them warm enough at the strip.