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  1. Forge Catch Can

    Did a Pure800 on my friends A91 and boy the amount of oil in the charge pipe is out of control. Seems its coming from the CCV mostly. There was alot of oil. Smokes slightly at stop lights. Checked the turbo and there is no play, I mean it only has about 150 miles on it. I took off the charge...
  2. Nitrous Setups- Post them up!

    mostly 1/4 but we will see about roll racing down the road.
  3. Nitrous Setups- Post them up!

    This is what have ordered. Nitrous Outlet Universal Dry Shot System Nitrous Outlet 4an Purge Kit Nitrous Outlet Bottle warmer Nitrous Outlet WinMax TPS and RPM Activated Window Switch Need to figure out RPM pickup and TPS signal wire and if I am putting all the electronics in the glove box to...
  4. Nitrous Setups- Post them up!

    Been looking to do a Nitrous setup but havent found lots of info for the a90. Looking to start a thread to get everyone that is willing to share their setup. I spoke to the tuner (Mikeytuned) and have ordered a Nitrous Outlet Dry kit. Would like to see how everyone install is under the...