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  1. I-phone getting hot when charging in the cradle

    Both my Pixel 4 and 6 heat up on the charging mat. I just stopped using it, it doesn't charge fast enough anyway.
  2. RPM's bounce after revving

    I don't remember if mine did it stock but mine does it after a cold start with my tune and a few bolt ons. Idle smooths itself out after a few seconds, I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. Rear Axle Failure

    I wonder if this is the reason why BMW insists on sticking with the relatively narrow 275's even on M cars and ups to a still modest 285 for some of the competition models.
  4. No traction

    Seeing how you live in PA, I imagine it's pretty cold up there; that would be your culprit. To improve traction if you don't want to spend money on stickier tires would be to lower the PSI in your tires.
  5. What did you do to your Supra today?

    What size are your tires? They look great on the stock wheels.
  6. Who does valet parking?

    I think a lot of people are overvaluing their cars here. The MKV is an entry level sports car, not a Lamborghini. If valet happens to crash it, you have insurance and so do they.
  7. Bootmod3 Flex Fuel, Antilag, Map Switching, anyone try it?

    I would but the last app update now prevents the BM3 app from recognizing my car. Already talked to support about it. I'm guessing it's because I'm on Android 12 now. EDIT: brb, just saw there was a new update that says in the description "Connectivity fix for Android 11+" EDIT EDIT: it works now!
  8. 2 offers in less than a week and tons of un-wanted attention

    Now now children, calmeth thou tits. Anyway, I've already established how introverted I am. To the point where I put on earbuds when I wash my car or get gas. I even rush to put groceries in the trunk so nobody talks to me. It does make me smile when I drive by and hear kids go "wow that's a...
  9. Calling all Foodies! Post up your lastest creations

    I like to let chicken breast thaw out and sit for about 20 mins. I then cover it and bake it at 400F for half an hour. I then let it rest uncovered for another 20 mins so the juices can get reabsorbed :) Recently I tried my hand at pan-seared chicken breast and I liked how it came out.
  10. Soo.... who watches anime..? Be honest lmao.

    Just got done watching Gundam The Origin, as a Gundam fan (especially the Universal Century) that was amazing to watch. I'm hoping they remake the original Gundam series with modern animation. I came
  11. Calling all Foodies! Post up your lastest creations

    It's so lonely in here, are the rest of you living off ramen to afford your cars or something? Mesquite chicken breast with some fettuccine in basil pesto sauce w/ spinach. (I promise I know how to make other sauces, this is just quick and simple)
  12. Error messages after alignment

    All is well now, initially I thought the tech just forgot to reset the steering angle sensor. He couldn't do it anyway because for some reason the Hunter systems didn't recognize my car. He was able to center the steering wheel, took it for a test drive, upon taking a U-turn all the...
  13. Error messages after alignment

    We'll see what happens tomorrow, they'll look at it again in the morning. Lights didn't go off after the drive. From what I've briefly researched on BMW forums, it sounds like the malfunction notifications are coming on due to the position of the steering wheel. 6 out of the 7 warnings are...
  14. Error messages after alignment

    Yea.. this was Tire Kingdom, a brand new location mind you with modern equipment. The tech was telling me because my power steering is electronic, he wasn't able to center it for one reason or another. I'm going to drive around for a bit and see if the warning indicators go off at least.
  15. Error messages after alignment

    I'm confused, nobody has the issue I'm describing in those posts.
  16. Error messages after alignment

    So I just got back from getting an alignment done (third party) besides the fact that pretty much every measurement was out of whack. After the tech gave the car back to me he informed me pretty much every malfunction came on the infotainment system and the steering wheel is a bit off center...
  17. 2 offers in less than a week and tons of un-wanted attention

    As an introvert, the attention this car receives can be a bit annoying. Doesn't help that I live in a college/military town so there's a lot of dude-bros.
  18. Are OEM MPSS tires more prone to nail punctures?

    Got a nail in each rear tire back when I had just broken my car in. It's just bad luck. Currently at 9k miles on the stock PSS and no issues since, well, besides the tires already needing to be replaced due to being worn.
  19. What type of cloth (or brush?) are you using to clean the dashboard?

    I just use a microfiber cloth and some Maguires interior detail. Never had the issue you're describing.