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  1. Our LIVE 2020 Supra Coverage and Interviews From Detroit Auto Show!

    I'm sorry things don't work the same way here as in Germany.
  2. How the Supra Chief Designer Shaped Toyota’s New Sports Car

    I dunno why but I'm been feeling that the selfish cockpit style interiors are counter intiutive when the climate control is dual zone and needs to be accessible by the passenger. But that's just my thoughts lol I think they executed the LC cockpit just fine, I have to save my judgement for when...
  3. U.S. Supra Ordering: Pricing and Availability Details! Have You Ordered?

    I saw one of the dealers in VA take a deposit and they already told the person it's a 10K mark up :/
  4. Our LIVE 2020 Supra Coverage and Interviews From Detroit Auto Show!

    Sorry to hear, usually they only let the media, important employees (Tada-san etc.), and VIP into the vehicles on auto show public days. The only day it's really open is on private screening for invites or the first/second day of the auto show for filming. This usually changes as time goes on...
  5. Watch Live Unveiling of All-new 2020 Toyota Supra in Detroit

    GR name should grow here, and I think we’ll see more products. It’s great that they made this move for sure.
  6. 2020 Toyota GR Supra: Full Photo Gallery

    Looks great :) can’t wait to see it in all colors
  7. Reviews are in for 2020 Supra MKV preproduction car

    Good point, however, Ferrari is no longer under FCA they've separated 2 years ago. The Alfa however I think was engineered before the split so cool.
  8. Reviews are in for 2020 Supra MKV preproduction car

    Aston Martin iirc it's an AMG engine Pagani is the same I think Alfa Romeo, under the same umbrella but it has a Ferrari Engine. Mclaren Audi R8
  9. Reviews are in for 2020 Supra MKV preproduction car

    hmm, I guess we're just going to overlook the LFA that came out around the same time. ok. not saying the GTR is a bad car, but the way you put it. It's like Toyota wasn't doing anything, but they were focused on their Lexus division. Nissan gave us another GTR. Lexus gave us a Masterpiece.
  10. Why I'm NOT Hyped About The New Toyota Supra & Talk about your excitement level

    Excitement leads to frustration. Frustration leads to hate. Hate leads to anger. Anger leads to suffering.
  11. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    well I mean tbh there's no indication that we will get the GRMN car here in the States, I feel like there is more evidence against having that variant of the car here. Then it coming over. I can think of a couple reasons to why I wont, more than why it will. More wait and See : 0
  12. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    Lol I'm like can you please release A SUPRA anything first before doing any of the other stuff. I love the Marketing tactics.
  13. F-Type or A90?

    To be honest, I can't say because I've never owned none Japanese cars. I've driven alot of none Japanese cars longest probably was about 3 weeks? But when it comes to owning; the only one was a VW Jetta Wolfsburg when I was like 19 and it was a terrible experience it was also at the dealer for...
  14. Lexus RC350 & RC-F

    I think the last gen looks better, but I'll reserve my judgement till I see one in person
  15. The Supra has finally been spotted in Japan!

    LOL I mean if they leave it at a Hotel in NY maybe. It's relatively safe and super orderly in Japan. Besides the people being super nice, I think they have a police person around every corner etc. You're right though I can see someone being super tempted and doing that XD leave that in an area...
  16. Have a look at the Prototype Supra's engine

    Not gonna lie A70 totally thought, this was a Bot posting malware LOL
  17. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    I think it's funny when the renders look better than the actual product. That's just my take on the post above : ) they got it super close. Don't suppose they've rendered a Supra?
  18. F-Type or A90?

    I'm quite a big fan of the V6 S and the Current 400 Special edition. The fact that you can buy it in convertible form always was a plus for me. I had driven the SVR convertible about a year back and that thing was crazy in terms of the way it sounds. However, In my honest opinion, it just didn't...