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  1. New rumors from C&D: 2020 Supra to get BMW inline six engine / B58 & S58 chat

    That was sort of my point...that it depends on how the record of manufacturing is in the country, even if it is not the country of origin. I can understand being concerned about things made in china for example but for a joint development from Toyota/BMW, either country of origin would not...
  2. New rumors from C&D: 2020 Supra to get BMW inline six engine / B58 & S58 chat

    Even cars "built in the USA" or whatever the case may be, have parts that are sourced from all over the world. I don't really see the problem with it so long as the company has strict quality control requirements. I also think it's not always a cost saving measure (altho usually it is). Might...
  3. Hybrid Supra Rumors & Chatter / B58 hybrid

    Nobody knows the MKV Supra's power # yet but with rumors that it might get 500+ horsepower I got to thinking about traction. Anytime you start getting into 500+ territory putting the power to the ground becomes a problem. I'm sure the new modular platform being developed with BMW can probably...
  4. 2015 Mustang Thread

    The GT350R is supposed to be faster than the Z/28 around nurburgring. Man thats fast! EVO's a legit publication too so I believ it. As of yet, there is no independent confirmation on this, but British mag Evo is claiming that Ford’s new Shelby GT350R has lapped the Nürburgring in 7:32.19, more...
  5. The Engine Speculation Thread

    And the M3 guys were even up in arms about losing the V8 too, despite the e9x generation being the only one to ever have an 8 cyl. I wonder if the American muscle crowd cares more about the NA or the 8 Cyl part. Curious if they'd be ok with a turbo V8 for example.
  6. New Supra and Z4 will share platforms

    It's not the same platform that Toyota and BMW are developing. This CLAR platform is BMW's modular platform they'll use for everything from the 3 series up. We should see something more exotic for the FT1 Supra.
  7. Will the 2017 Supra use carbon fiber?

    Until CF gets widespread use in lots of cars from lots of manufacturers I wouldn't trust any body shop other than the dealer's. But I'm sure over time certain independent shops will come to be known as good at working with repairing CF.
  8. Wish List for the new Supra / Must Have Futures and Options!

    You can feel a lighter car even taking turns on regular roads going to get groceries though. And you need less power to feel like you're going fast. Go drive one of the HP/TQ monster sedans like the AMG E class or M5. You gotta be going triple digits to feel any speed. :thumbsdown:
  9. 2015 Mustang Thread

    It's not even close to production. Not even pricing announced which is what I'm waiting on mostly.. I'm in no rush tho, going to wait to see how the MKV supra pans out before plopping down any money.
  10. What are you ok / not ok with new Supra sharing with BMW

    To be fair I don't know of a single manufacturer that doesn't outsource. It's not like Japan is a cost leader for labor or materials. Outsourcing can lead to poor quality but it doesn't always have to be. Look at Apple products, they are some of the best built electronics devices ever made and...
  11. Graphite Toyota FT-1 Second Concept Coming to Pebble Beach (Updated to Include Various Auto Shows)

    Red one was shown first at the Detroit show in January. Can't beleive its almost been a year. Hopefully time flies and we get a tweaked concept next year
  12. Mustang vs FT1 Supra

    I like the look... especially that nose. Some of the new Lexus cars have more of a alien look. This just looks mean and aggressive. No exact performacne specs yet but we know it has more than 500 horsepowers and more than 400 lb-ft torque. Any pricing is just speculationg right now they haven't...
  13. Graphite Toyota FT-1 Second Concept Coming to Pebble Beach (Updated to Include Various Auto Shows)

    It debuted at Pebble Beach weekend in August so only 3-4 months. It's been at SEMA and LA auto show..... not sure if I'm missing any others :dunno:
  14. Consumer focus groups/surveys/feedbacks for new Supra?

    Key word being "secret' and 'confidentiality' and you are forgetting major lawsuits and stuff. Even drawing it from memory will get you in trouble.
  15. 2015 Mustang Thread

    Posted this up in the throwdown section to see what you guys think of the GT350 and how the Supra will stack up. But without comparing even what do you guys think of the new hi po Mustang?? I personally love it and it's shot up to the top of my potential list. Have never really been a Mustang...
  16. Mustang vs FT1 Supra

    Add another sports coupe to the mix! GT350 was just announced today and it's got over 500+ hp with a flat plane crank engine. That's incredible to see a manfuacturer not named Ferrrari putting a engine like that out in a sub $100k car. I bet Toyota and pretty much every sports car manufacturer...
  17. MKV Toyota Supra Photoshops & Renders based on FT-1 & Prototypes

    If that is the only major sheet metal change they make on the FT1 front end I will not complain one bit. Of course that huge lower intake will not pass muster for production.
  18. Toyota FT-1 Images & Video from Gran Turismo 6

    Dang I can't wait to download this!!
  19. FT-1 / A90 Supra and Competitors' Dimensions Compared

    Both the Viper and the C7 do not have backseats. i would remove those from the comparison if talking only about dimensions.