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  1. A91 Edition - @z4prA91 Build [Refraction Blue]

    Thanks! Just dropped it off for the transmission upgrade. The car's dirty in this picture, but had to show off the BBK. I love this kit from R1!
  2. A91 Edition - @z4prA91 Build [Refraction Blue]

    Thanks! Haven't scraped the exhaust yet. The front lip scrapes occasionally. No rubbing at all with these tire sizes. Only thing to add would be that I wouldn't recommend these tire sizes on the stock wheels.
  3. zrk / a90_nojz Build

    Awesome! Where did you end up finding one and why didn't you just get one with the Visconti or Dabears offerings?
  4. Intake Manifolds

    Has anyone done a comparison between each intake manifold? What is everyone's thoughts on which is the best and why? AMS seems to have the best priced version now since CSF increased their prices.
  5. A91 Edition - @z4prA91 Build [Refraction Blue]

    Wheels have been installed. BBK came in along with the titanium stud conversion I ordered. Will be installing this weekend hopefully.
  6. A91 Edition - @z4prA91 Build [Refraction Blue]

    I used the term functional very loosely as you can see from the attached picture. I'm not going to port inject until I get the ECU unlocked.
  7. A91 Edition - @z4prA91 Build [Refraction Blue]

    I'm worried about fuel starvation.
  8. A91 Edition - @z4prA91 Build [Refraction Blue]

    Updated 11/2/21: Aftermarket Parts Installed: Performance Mods: JB4 with custom tune from Jesse Dabears aFe 2-1/2" to 3" Charge Pipe sandblasted and painted blue Eventuri Supra Carbon Intake System Tomei Type-R Titanium Single Exit Exhaust Euromotive Performance Downpipe Lightweight...
  9. PhD Racing Supra Wins At Long Beach Global Time Attack

    Hell yeah! Awesome driving and thanks for uploading! Your team kicked a$$!
  10. ECU Bricked during Recall Update…

    Yes, they even cancelled the previous one because they didn't have a remedy yet.
  11. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    I was recently told that they are not able to perform the software updates with any fault codes. I returned my car to stock before bringing it in and my update went without any problems.
  12. ECU Bricked during Recall Update…

    I was nervous about bringing my 2021 Supra to the dealer for the recall after reading all of these problems. I ended up dropping the car off yesterday and they finished it later that day without any problems. They even told me that the previous car they worked on required a new radio and they...
  13. Watch out for narcs!

    Wow, you and 12 others liked this post? Are you Jeff Kirk too?
  14. Mimosa's Build

    Awesome build! Are you running port injection without a tune? If so, what controller are you using and have you noticed any gains using it?
  15. Tuning Locked ECU's Post 6/2020

    From femtoevo: 1. We can flash newest BMW MD1 and MG1 ECUs (Diesel/Gasoline engines) 2. No plans to release flasher soon 3. ECU needs to be physically sent to us 4. ECU will not be unlocked. Only one-time programming of your file 5. Reflashing price is EUR 600 + shipping for Diesel ECUs...
  16. All-new 2023 Nissan Z makes world debut!

    I like the new Z, but come one with that front end! What were they thinking? Warning! This picture may offend sensitive people, so don't look if you are offended easily.
  17. Let's Talk About Manual Transmission Swaps

    Doesn't a company out of Texas do these manual conversions already?