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  1. Jarama Racetrack Edition numbered list

    This is cool! I will send you mine via DM :) I know at least two other guys on Insta that have one too, will share a link to this thread.
  2. Dog Proofing a Supra / Dog in Supra

    I need more of these pictures, I am melting!
  3. Pricing and Negotiation 2022 Supra

    In Germany literally no one is buying them so they are getting thrown out with up to 30% discount, even for the limited A91. It's crazy to see how opposite the situation is in the US!
  4. Brake noise!

    Man, I thought I was the only one. I cringed so hard driving in and out of a drive-thru a few days ago... also I was stuck in very slow one-lane traffic after a large event where you couldn't escape it and just had to wait ... and every time the queue moved, and I braked, it sounded like I was...
  5. What Don't You Like About Your New Supra?

    Wind buffeting, mechanism to open the trunk, and at this rate, I won't have any of my hood and front bumper left because of it being chipped away by little stones - especially on the German Autobahn lol
  6. Reactions, Comments, Attention, Fun & Embarrassing Stories with your new Supra

    I don't struggle too much with sliding in and out of the car and have pretty good awareness on how to move and not hit anything. A few weeks ago though I parked a bit close to a shopping cart stall on the left and did not open my door all the way (which I usually do) so while some people were...
  7. What did you do to your Supra today?

    You're completely right! Here's a pic of the parking lot (it was where the campers are even though I wasn't camping). They initially wanted me to drive down that path you see on the left and I told them if I enter this area, I will never ever get out of it. So I parked in front of the toilets...
  8. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Well, the race was very interesting to say the least lol
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Drove it all the way to Spa Francorchamps for the F1 GP and this is what the car looked like after leaving the "parking lot"
  10. New Limited Edition 3.0l in UK

    I got my Jarama on June 8th (I think one of the first ones), and I got a 18% discount for my lease
  11. It's Time to Play "Will This Fit Back There?" / Your most ridiculous trunk pictures stories!

    I got mine for almost three months now and have never seen another Supra here in Germany :D If you see one flying from Germany to Belgium tomorrow, it's me :P Thats what I'm talking about! :D
  12. It's Time to Play "Will This Fit Back There?" / Your most ridiculous trunk pictures stories!

    Hi Everyone! When I was deciding if I should get the Supra or not I had a hard time deciding because I never had seen one in reallife and there was a lockdown which prevented me from going to the dealership. I found it very difficult to find good stories or pictures of what the Supra can...
  13. Daily Driving the Supra

    I daily mine as well and use it for my side hustle (filmmaking) too which means it needs to fit a lot of equipment which it does! I recently shot a social media ad for BMW and used the Supra as the camera car, with a camera (+ gimbal, batteries, car mount) attached to the outside of the Supra...
  14. Who gets lip for buying a Supra?

    I occasionally hear the BMW stuff but here's my unpopular opinion: BMW makes better cars than Toyota and there isn't anything Toyota could have done better. As a former BMW driver I would have never gotten the Supra if it wasn't build by BMW so it's funny when people think calling it a BMW is an...
  15. Buyers beware suprared is a scammer

    I am 99% sure the forum logs the IP address of each post so if that guy did not have a VPN, you might at least be able to track him down. Based on the other posts that guy might have scammed more people and that might be enough for law enforcement to get involved. Next time you should (and I...
  16. Post a pic of your first car.

    Not the actual car but an image grabbed from Google that looks exactly (same color, etc.) how mine looked. I had a bull-bar on mine though. I drove it on beaches and through a rain-forest which isn't something I can say about my BMWs or the Supra :D
  17. What did you do to your Supra today?

    how much does it actually change in balance & stiffness or is it more of a visual mod?
  18. Gretta fights back

    That's just super cringy
  19. Official Supra Owner's Age Thread

    So we compared age, then credit score, and now the next logical step should be obvious to everyone lmao