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  1. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    max - I would have considered the 2.0L if that came in manual. But in my case it would be in addition to my 3.0L.
  2. Golden Wrench Supply Anodized Aluminum Caps

    Agreed. The 3 reds are consistent in color and matte-ness so that is nice (vs mixing brands), but the level of detail you mentioned is where I'm at as well. Hope they do a revision. But it looks great the way it is in totality.
  3. Golden Wrench Supply Anodized Aluminum Caps

    uh oh.. I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread..!
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Agreed. My car is black so a matte black piece especially at the top of the vehicle makes it look primed and unpainted. Therefore, I went with the glossy CF spoiler. I suppose with the matte black A91 vinyl on the c-pillar + the matte black lip it can work.. but my car is not a A91 so..
  5. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    I think we should delete this thread. Giving this Chris fellow much too much publicity.
  6. Car cover for Supra 2020?

    For outdoor covers I started using these semi-custom ones offered by on my daily driver. It was actually much better than expected, no marring (my daily driver is a current gen white WRX), used it for nearly 5 months straight outdoors during the pandemic stay-at-home order...
  7. Nocturnal Black A91 Edition

    Nice color, congrats.
  8. JB+ on a locked A91 Edition

    Well, that was quick. :D Congrats on the JB4.
  9. A91 Edition Owners - Do you regret the missing HUD?

    You're right, I was probably creeping up slower and a turtle would've probably thought my car was all show and no go.
  10. JB+ on a locked A91 Edition

    +1, nice video Spiguyver. I didn't even know the JB+'s existence until seeing your video, knowledge is power! I currently run a JB4 with the BT module on my 2020. I like it a lot and have no plans to do a reflash.
  11. A91 Edition Owners - Do you regret the missing HUD?

    The very first time I parked my Supra behind one of my other cars on my driveway, I was like literally 3 inches from the back of my other car and the car did nothing to stop itself. I knew the nose was a lot longer than my other cars so I wasn't about to actually hit my other car, but I was a...
  12. Car and Driver: 2021 10Best

    I like how this site has a quick way to Ignore button. No need for useless talk, productive discussions are welcome.
  13. Car and Driver: 2021 10Best

    Visual interest is very important to me since mine is a garage queen. My Eventuri intake and engine covers were also completely unnecessary, 3D Design paddles, NV cubby too.. but I still got them because of visual interest. Fake vents on the Supra is nothing more than cool paint job or vinyl...
  14. Car and Driver: 2021 10Best

    Wow that is sad.. C8 site is the same way, huh? The only area I want to change on my Supra is the center console cup holders. I want a retractable cover like on my STI and Golf-R.. I still chose to buy the car though. Hardly a reason not to, like the wind buffeting. LOL
  15. Car and Driver: 2021 10Best

    The comments folks write up are hilarious. Another Chris Harris (was it?) / NASIOC moment.
  16. Parking sensors

    I would call this a great opportunity to add some Hella Supertones! Or any horn of your liking.
  17. Supra at GTA Finals!

    GJ! GL at the future events.
  18. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    I think if the car was cheaper poorer folks won't be so nasty. They're just jealous because a $50K car feels reachable, but yet unachievable for them making it an itch that really annoys. Rich folks could care less about a Supra and probably respects the car for what it is.
  19. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    Thanks, sorry I was not trying to intimidate a fellow member who might have one of these cars or a fan of them.