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  1. Carplay has disappeared

    Ditto. Unsure why its so hard to grasp. If the issue was caused via "OTA" it's gonna be resolved the same way. Dealership doesn't have a magic man hiding in the shop (nor do they know much about these cars in general).
  2. Carplay has disappeared

    Just checked and CarPlay works with no issues in my car. Tried different functions like maps, calls, Siri - all works as before. :dunno:
  3. Carplay has disappeared

    :lol: maybe they'll refund you the money and throw in the car for free with those threats lol I was pretty sure that I had CarPlay as of this morning but I will check again later. If anything, it seems like software/update glitch which aren't uncommon.
  4. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    I got my car when this wasn't even a consideration, Oct 2019, but if 2.0 was an option at the time .. I wouldn't even look at it. I don't see the point in a 4 cyl besides for export market(s). If money allows for both options, I'd pick the 3.0 every time. If money was an issue, I would...
  5. Supra Capristo catback exhaustt

    That's definitely loud!
  6. Supra Capristo catback exhaustt

    Any word on why it's so overpriced? (I'm not familiar with the company, maybe they make the best sh*t ever but I wouldn't know).
  7. 2021 Supra: True or Fake Stock Dual Exhaust?

    Why not look under the car.. The car also has one downpipe which is visible from when you open the hood. Can't really have a "true" dual with one dp.
  8. Is it only me or others also hate these stupid cupholders in armrest?

    Don't like covered cupholders. Different strokes for different folks. I have no issues with Supra's cupholders aside from the fact that the water bottle that Toyota sells doesn't fit in it.
  9. 2022 GR Supra?

    12 speed manual, 603 horsepower, side flamethrowers, all for 35k (you know to crush the 35k 400hp Z that's coming out) - heard it on the internet.
  10. CarPlay vs. Toyota Command

    Yes, they are different. If car play is connected you need to long press the req button to command Siri and short press to give commands to Toyota (talking navigation specific here, I don't use commands for anything else).
  11. A90 Food and Cruise; Mitsuwa [Edgewater, NJ] (Nov. 22) @ 1PM.

    Ouch, that sucks.. hopefully not too expensive to fix.
  12. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I think you are the first one that I've seen. I don't understand the logic of painting cf black. Just make it out of plastic and charge 28 bucks that the plastic costs (not 1200) :dunno:
  13. A90 Food and Cruise; Mitsuwa [Edgewater, NJ] (Nov. 22) @ 1PM.

    How was the drive afterwards?
  14. A91 replica spoiler

    Thanks for the info. Any word on when it will be available? I don't see anything on insta or their website.
  15. A91 Edition Owners - Do you regret the missing HUD?

    I mean.. the system is for an emergency and not for testing out if you car is gonna rear end someone at the traffic light for giggles. I'm gonna continue using the pedal for stopping. Car has 0 issues stopping from highway speeds in adaptive cruise control mode though so it's not like it...
  16. A91 Edition Owners - Do you regret the missing HUD?

    Which part is "completely untrue"? Toyota claims these phases - of course there isn't 100% rate and it depends on the conditions but it's discussed here: Phase discussions start at 1:20.
  17. This is by far my favorite wide body kit I've seen for a supra.

    You could use the wing as an additional table for outside dining. :dunno: Agreed, though. Big pass.
  18. A90 Food and Cruise; Mitsuwa [Edgewater, NJ] (Nov. 22) @ 1PM.

    Me. Edgewater is right down the street.
  19. A91 Edition Owners - Do you regret the missing HUD?

    There isn't really anything to debate though. If you like the feature - cool. If you don't like the feature - cool. :dunno: The warning on the windshield that you saw is just stage 1 warning. If you didn't do anything it would be followed by an audible beeping. If you didn't do anything then...
  20. A91 Edition Owners - Do you regret the missing HUD?

    I had it off for awhile and didn’t care. The only useful info it displays are directions which are also displayed in two other spots in the car. So :dunno: