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  1. Is it only me or others also hate these stupid cupholders in armrest?

    I put one spare mask under the visor and a few in the slot behind the passenger seat. As an ICU nurse and have worked through 2 past pandemics, masks work!
  2. Is it only me or others also hate these stupid cupholders in armrest?

    I use the rear one for a water container ( I live in the desert) and the front one for hand sanitizer (pandemic you know). :^)
  3. 2021 A91 Supra vs 2020 M2 Competition

    Thanks for the comparison, great write up! On turbo lag, I have the 2020 and have none. I know the 21 doesn't have the same kick as the 20 in the lower end so that may be the difference. I expected a bit of lag, but when I first drove the 2020, I was extremely surprised. I have had turbos...
  4. 2022 GR Supra?

    Electric, with piped in engine sounds!
  5. What did you do to your Supra today?

    If I could, I would go the other way and have no spoiler at all.
  6. Official 2020 Supra MPG: 24 City / 31 Highway / 26 Combined

    On the freeway I get around 32 to 33 MPG, which surprised me in a good way. Around town, even using the sport mode, I get around 22 to 23.
  7. 2021 VS 2020

    Yes, you are right. A little twitchy. It has to do with the way the tires track under acceleration and something they knew about but rushed to get these out. I have gotten used to it but would be nice if it tracked cleaner. Other than that, a great car and great fun. I had a 1990 Mitsubishi AWD...
  8. 2020 Supra Firesale?

    That is sad. Well the car went to a good home. Mine is stock, besides the strut supports I put in, which I like as it gives even more control. Enjoy!
  9. 2020 Supra Firesale?

    How is it driving? I am surprised they got rid of it so soon and for that price after that extra investment.
  10. 2021 Suspension Changes

    I would agree. It is easy to tap, just pay attention and view a Youtube. I have used tap and dies for years and they can come is so very, very handy! I am using a bolt on my 2020 but tapping makes much more sense and you don't have to worry about a nut freezing on there, causing a pain, though I...
  11. First Supra Crash on Public Roads?

    Lights work well.
  12. Official 2020 Supra MPG: 24 City / 31 Highway / 26 Combined

    Yes, now the FJ feels very sluggish when I drive it. lol I have a 2012 in Blue. The Supra is one fun car to drive. I wouldn't mind 50 to 100 more HP but won't go for the 21, spent enough already. :^)
  13. Has anybody tried to reject their Supra because of the JBL system?

    On burn in, all electronics need this. The capacitors need to form and other electronics, op amps etc, need to settle and this requires current going through them. It takes around 100 hours of on time. Even chip caps have to form but more so, electrolytic caps.
  14. Screen protector for infotainment?

    Is theirs, glass?
  15. Screen protector for infotainment?

    Too much money and while the glass I am currently using, doesn't cover all of the screen, it does cover all of the used area.
  16. Disabling Active Sound Design without Coding

    I used the Bimmer code but either way, I don't want any fake stupid sound. That just makes the car, part toy.
  17. How to code to turn off daytime headlights?

    I have them off now. Used Bimmercode. With how much I drive it and the expensive replacement and knowing how my FJ Cruiser that did have the constant on went through lights, I can't see it. Also, the safety it provides is a low %.
  18. Going over speedbumps? sportscar newbie here

    I go slowly over them, no issues. My driveway isn't steep at all but if I go straight on, I scrape the front to I go in at about 30 degrees and then straighten out and no issue. Backing out the same thing of course, as I get to the street, I angle to one side or the other and avoid scraping the...
  19. How to code to turn off daytime headlights?

    I do have Bimmer Link installed. I wonder if this changed it? I had to use Bimmer Code to turn on the ability to turn on or off the daytime lights. Now it is working like I want it to.