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  1. Custom steering wheel

    I have one, east coast supra. Definitely improves the feel/look of the car. Looks like the one above (carbon fiber, flat bottom, perforated leather and red centering stripe).
  2. Catted downpipes

    My power needy downpipe (with AFE intake, pure800 turbo, AFE charge pipe, CSG Tune) throws a check engine light on the oxygen sensor once every about 1000 miles. Have sent logs to my tuner and everything looks great. So with these other mods I do have a check engine light every once in a while...
  3. Parking Assist Malfunction

    Has anyone had this warning come up. When I place the vehicle in reverse a message pops up that states "Parking Assist Malfunction". All the sensors appear to be working appropriately and beep as expected and appear to work appropriately. The message states that the failure is "side...
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Finished the engine bay (hydro dipped the cusco strut brace) and had carbon fiber hydro dipping done to the aluminum cross brace behind the seats to get rid of the bright aluminum on the interior.
  5. aFe Momentum Cold Air Intake

    Ordered the intake on 3/11/2010, still waiting as well. I'll have to try to get mine to fit with Verus turbo heat shield like the last poster.
  6. aFe Momentum Cold Air Intake

    I'm almost certain it fits with the brace. Two reasons for this. First, on the website you can read the directions for installation. Step 1 states that if you have a power brace it needs to be removed, with the last step being replace the power brace. And secondly this is direct from the...
  7. Has anybody done this to the door lock panel?

    You could pull the piece and have someone hydrodip it. Durable and you could choose color/design.
  8. Methanol Injection

    I used the throttle body spacer, but I assume if you have a bung on your charge pipe and then either a second bung to reference boost levels for the controller or another way to reference boost in order for the controller to work. Throttle body spacer makes it easy because it has the bung for...
  9. Has anybody done this to the door lock panel? You could try this.
  10. BC Forged EH184

    Agreed! Had just been cold and rainy the last week here in Montana! I’ll post more pics after a nice wash and shine.
  11. BC Forged EH184

    Wheels and new tires installed. Pictures show fitment with HKS lowering springs. Flush with the fender, exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't be happier with the results. I will also post a link with the TPMS that I used. It was pre-programmed so all I had to do was go to tire...
  12. Can you share pics of mounted meth kit ?

    I know you went AEM, but this youtube video shows how Titan Motorsports installs their kit with bracket. Makes any DIY methanol install pretty easy. I used this kit, so that's how mine is installed.
  13. Bootmod 3 users

    There are a lot of tuners out there with experience on the BM3 platform, many of them comment frequently on the forum. Heres to name a few and I'm sure others will add to the list: -F80 Paul (Paul Johnson) -Jordan Tuned -Counterspace Garage (Zach Tucker) -Visconti Tuning
  14. Seat Back “issue”

    Remove the plastic panel between the bar and the headliner that curves around towards the back window. Then remove the panel that the seat belt goes through. Be careful as there is a fastener on the side after the slit for the seat belt and I know that could be the easy to break point. Then...
  15. Fixing the WIND BUFFETING issue on the A90!

    For me, the Verus did help with the wind buffeting, however, now I get a significant amount of wind noise when traveling greater than 70 mph (windows up). This must be the turbulence it creates to take care of the buffeting. Now when I cruise on the interstate there is a lot of this noise...
  16. Bootmod 3 users

    Yes - therefore sport mode 100% of the time... Same here. I also reach 7th gear by 35 mph and get that sensation of the engine lugging. I am tuned on EcuTek. So now I really only put it in normal mode if I'm just cruising on the interstate otherwise nearly 100% sport mode.
  17. What did you do to your Supra today?

    No the bumper attached to the middle side of the headlight with some Velcro like material. If you look closely above on the inside of the red bumper you can see a black strip where the middle part of the headlight is, that’s Velcro.
  18. What did you do to your Supra today?

    One on each side just anterior to the reflector. These are the only two connections that need unplugged to remove the bumper. But as stated, a lot of bolts/screws, and some industrial strength velcro by the headlight.
  19. BC Forged EH184

    I don't know the answer to that, but I can put a font a rear wheel on the scale when the arrival. Tracking information says they will arrive 4/29.