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  1. New Limited Edition 3.0l in UK

    There's a review of this model on autocar this week Toyota GR Supra Jarama Racetrack Edition 2021 UK review | Autocar
  2. New Limited Edition 3.0l in UK

    Nice cars these, I like the seats, but why dont they come with a HUD display or the 12 speaker JBL, as its a similar price to the 3.0 pro version. I would miss the HUD, as i genuinely find it useful, not so bothered about the JBL
  3. Refurbish or Replace?

    Still undecided whether to give it a go myself or get the wheels refurbished a different colour which is around the £400 mark. I did think of buying a new one but i thought if I pay £600 for 2 new ones and then slightly kerb them Im back to where i started, can always get a refurbed, refurbed...
  4. Refurbish or Replace?

    £360 on ebay, less a 20% off Ebay promotion running on certain sellers , hence the £300.
  5. UK… ordering to delivery

    Fair enough, Ironically the launch control option on all the reviews does nt work well anyway, bogging it down, more than a manual start, so im not sure anyone uses it anyway. The summer is the season for this car and Autumn, mine will be off road over the winter. There's a brand new...
  6. UK… ordering to delivery

    Why don't you buy a nearly new one instead there's plenty around from 45k upwards on AT some with just a few hundred miles on and your save a lot in depreciation too. I got mine a 3.0 Pro in Grey registered Oct 2020 with 2500 miles for just 41k - a huge saving on new for not many miles
  7. Refurbish or Replace?

    Thanks for that info Black_sedan, now i know its polished as opposed to chrome I've decided m going to give it a go myself, I'm quite handy at the DIY so should nt be too hard to sort out. Just deciding now what to do with the £600 I set aside for the wheel replacement !! Do I put it towards...
  8. Refurbish or Replace?

    Thanks Heavy Foot but but will be sticking with the originals, does none like them except me ;-)
  9. Refurbish or Replace?

    Thanks I see what your saying but I think I've only ever kerbed 2 alloys in 15 years, so it kind of bugs me paying a lot for a nearly new car, in excellent condition except 2 kerbed alloys. It kinda of ruins the overall car's appearance especially as the damage was not caused by me. I'm quite...
  10. Refurbish or Replace?

    I'm just not so keen on black wheels, when you look at the car from a distance, I find it hard to see the wheel detail in black against the tyre, prefer a lighter colour for contrast but darker than the car colour eg anthracite. Would be interesting to see if anyone has had their wheels...
  11. Refurbish or Replace?

    Thanks Black sedan,, It was a wheel refurb place that told me it was chrome! so the wheel face is not chromed but essentially polished aluminum and then masked off and sprayed gloss black? If so that simplified things, could always try myself and then if that fails go down one of the other...
  12. Refurbish or Replace?

    The car has only done 2700 miles, it was a dealer demonstrator, all is good aside from the front wheels. I'd agree the tyre may of been replaced as there's no damage to the tyre, yet there is to the rim whereas the other side has a small piece of rubber missing on the rim protector and kerbing.
  13. Refurbish or Replace?

    Hi there, I have a bit of a dilemma, and could do with some advice. I recently bought a UK Supra 3.0 Pro for a good price however the front two 2 wheels are curbed / road rash. I've got 3 options, Replace with new, refurbish if possible to OE spec or refurbish eg powdercoat but all one colour...
  14. New Limited Edition 3.0l in UK

    I'm sure your enjoy it, funnily enough when i was looking for mine I saw a blue jarama one advertised on Autotrader, has gone now so I guess someone has snapped it up.