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  1. Tuning for 90 octane?

    My car is tuned on our country 95 what is equivalent to US Ron 90/89 range with a down pipe and arma speed intake 407whp and 460wtq. Mid range is strong and nothing but flat high range. In comparison My friends are tuned on imported 98 and are pushing 460whp and 520wtq I'm happy with it as it's...
  2. Formula 1 Talk

    Bahrain safety car 2020 a90 supra we had it on the track since last year
  3. Official NOCTURNAL BLACK Supra Club Thread

    lowerd on hks HIPERMAX, spacers and tuned
  4. WTB 13mm Front and 15mm back spacer.

    I've just installed these and I'm very happy with the fitment You can ask for different sizes as well
  5. R888R's - Need advice

    The R888 whine is bad for the street. even with sound canceling headphones it's bad ive tried. If you can live with it go for it
  6. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    late to the party
  7. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    They are 8.5 front 9.5 back 19 relip polished lips and gold center
  8. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    Test fitting bbs lm in 19 now off for a rebuild .
  9. Missing Apple Carplay

    All Gcc spec A90 2020 supras came with out car play the 2021 model cars has it. It can be activated useing 3rd party software. Just search for bmw carplay activation
  10. Toyota Supra vs Honda Civic Type R

    I was for 2 main reasons the manual transmission and usability of a hatchback unfortunately the type R wasn't and still isn't available in our country
  11. New style front fenders from Sayber Design

    The best fender design for stock body so far
  12. Bahrain MKV GR Supra Owners

    Hello Rashid
  13. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    Past cars 1992 bmw 520 1999 clk 320 2000 VW beetle 2001 evo 7 2001 c5 Z06 2003 Ap1 s2000 2005 mini S 2009 evo x currently own 1994 MK4 Supra Turbo 6 speed 1995 S14 Silvia 2004 Ap2 s2000 f20c 2004 Bentley GT w12 2005 Sti 2009 r35 GTR 2010 997.2 Gt3 club sport 2010 Sti << all time...
  14. Painting the stock rims ?

    Those look great more pictures please
  15. Automatic emergency braking activated today

    3 days ago it saved me and my mom while driving on the highway and the car in front of us figured that he missed his exit and decided to stop in the left line
  16. Not vs. but... who is coming from S2000 World?

    I've owned an ap1 03 s2000 and now I own ap2 04 s2000 plus the a90 To be honest the a90 feel more like an s2000 than the a90 feels like a A80. the a90 Supra and the s2000 feel some how the same seating wise and looking out of the car.