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  1. Need help bench unlock location near san jose

    Hey guys anyone know where i can get my ecu bench unlock? I live at san jose area
  2. Just install catless dp but no hp gain

    Hey i just install catless dp on my supra, before use catless i can get 475 hp with stock dp use mhd stage 2 93 octane, after i install catless, i run same map i get the same 475 hp, anything wrong with my car ?
  3. For sale stock dp

    I had stock dp from 2020 supra LE for sale
  4. TE37 in A90 fitment

    Eibach lowering spring did great when cornering, it drive smooth too, but it looks like not go down enough
  5. Hubcentric ring for te37sl

    Can you share here wich hub centricring that you use perfeclt fit ? Picture or purhaces link would be perfect so everyone who had issue on this can get it resolve. Thx a lot buddy
  6. Hubcentric ring for te37sl

    So well can said running te37sl on supra is safe without hubcentric ring rite ? Thx guys for all info
  7. Hubcentric ring for te37sl

    Hello all of you who use te37sl on the supra, did you guys use hubcentric ring ? I try use hubcentric ring 73/66 purhaces from speedindustry , the ring perfectly fit on the rims but the ring cant fit on my stock rotor ..
  8. TE37 in A90 fitment

    Finaly, lowering spring will be done next monday

    Here the pic
  10. Spring install bay area

    Hello, anyone know recommended shop for install eibach spring at bay area ? San jose / monterey ? And how much it cost

    I upload the pic tmr, :) can ship also

    for sale 2020 launch edition stock rims, 3 is perfect condition, 1 had curb rash tire condition is about 50%, msg me your offer thx
  13. TE37 in A90 fitment

    Looks nice buddy, hope my project white on white not looks really bad lol
  14. TE37 in A90 fitment

    Any white supra on te37 white color? Will it looks good ? I just bought te37sl white yesterday, it had red sticker come with it, i think it gonna match with the red mirror cover
  15. Wtb volk rays te37

    Do you have pressed graphit ?
  16. Wtb volk rays te37

    Anyone wanna sell te37 ? Looking for 19 inch any color, and come with tire pls thx
  17. TE37SL Mag Blue on clearance

    How much send to 93955 ?
  18. Hks blowoff valve with charge pipe kit

    Anyone interested for almunium custom charge pipe with hks ssqv? I gonna give the vacum hose that alrdy been modified for use this system, so just plug and play.. offer me 702 sixhundred 1522 san jose area, will ship also