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  1. Buyers beware suprared is a scammer

    I own an online business as well. I totally agree with you, paypal is the best to friend to friend payments or stuff like that but when it comes to businesses they are a pain in the ass to deal with. I had my business paypal account blocked multiple times due to the fact I was receiving too much...
  2. AWE Tuning Touring Non-Resonated Exhaust for sale Selling my AWE non reasonated exhaust, had it installed on my local shop and after 1 day of use It was just too loud for my liking. Decided to go back to stock the next day after installation. Brand new basically...

    Still up for sale, sent you a dm

    South Florida
  5. CARBON FIBER RV STYLE REAR TRUNK SPOILER Selling this spoiler going for something different and bigger. Paid $300 for it asking...
  6. AMS Performance Catted Downpipe for sale {FL}

    Hey guys I'm switching over to a catless downpipe so will need to get rid of this one. Great DP just have a lot of recommendations to go catted for more sound. I turn my car pops off at all times (unless I'm feeling them once in a while) to protect the catalytic converter. Slightly used...
  7. Salvage Supra Registry

    About 2 months, getting parts from toyota is a hassle
  8. Salvage Supra Registry

    she went from looking like this to this Bought mine from an auction even was posted here. This is her today
  9. Post a pic of your first car.

    well after all shes the first car I paid by my self :thumbsup:
  10. Official Supra Owner's Age Thread

    Just turned 21. The best decision after buying a house :thumbsup:
  11. Florida ECU flash recall

    Anyone familiar with such recalls? I'm tuned and don't want my ECU locked
  12. Wheel speed sensor error

    Hello guys, my car has been driving in limp mode ever sense a week while driving in the rain. I can't take traction control off and loss of power. Pulled out some codes and found 482892 : Digital Wheel acceleration sensor - front left - physica layer error. Any ideas? Does anyone know the...
  13. 2020 Toyota GR supra Premium with 2600miles

    😂 society man
  14. 2020 Toyota GR supra Premium with 2600miles

    Drop the VIN #
  15. 5k miles in two months

    Ok we can close this thread case closed . 😂 thanks man you make me feel better now
  16. 5k miles in two months

    I daily this thing lol you should listen to a few other owners where I live locally. There's a guy that has drove 8k miles in 5 months