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  1. Supra: Amaterasu

    I saw a box of Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating. I never heard of it before. From what I could see, it looks very user friendly. The thought of putting a paint protection on my car had crossed my mind and I have no experience with ceramic coatings. I bought the Meguiar's and decided to try it out...
  2. Supra: Amaterasu

    I’m not sure what happened. The bmw guys said it was a failed launch control attempt, you only get a 3 second window or so. That was before JB4. 2000 miles later and no issues.
  3. Supra: Amaterasu

    This year I put myself in a 2021 Supra. I liked them since they were first announced. I was close to getting a 2.0 but I knew if I did I would always wished I spent the extra to get the 3.0, so that's what I went with. I was daily driving a 335i with the N55 so the engine platform was similar. I...