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  1. New Toyota Supra Renderings based on prototype car

    Twilight Turquoise MKV EDIT: the more i touch up on it,the more real it gets
  2. The Magazine Scan Thread

    The GR-SS looks good!although the grille is wrong
  3. The A70TTR Dedication Thread!

    @A70TTR will the MKV interior be sealed off for all of its remaining appearances?
  4. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    ^^^ Doesn't pull off the swept back headlights quite like the SRT Viper
  5. Let's talk about Colors

    That's good to hear
  6. Let's talk about Colors

    Ouch indeed, how big were the expenses?
  7. Let's talk about Colors

    I just discovered the best site ever!!
  8. Why I'm NOT Hyped About The New Toyota Supra

    It's just like when Klinghoffer first joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers, fans said he wasn't fit for the band because they missed Frusciante(they still do), then fast forward to The Getaway 5 years later, and now he has a following, i believe the same applies here.:popcorn: Which R35 was the MKV...
  9. Ordering Process For New Supra

    Most likely in the same red as the Z4 too