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  1. Every New Supra comes with One Year NASA Membership

    Thanks, I will keep on the lookout. I'm getting close to 4 months now.
  2. Every New Supra comes with One Year NASA Membership

    I purchased my 2022 3.0 Premium in September and I never received any info about the NASA Supra Track Day. How does a new owner get notified about this or sign up for it?
  3. Hood vent samples

    Yes, please... I'll take a set... When will these be available and what is the cost!
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Installed the AMS wind buffeting kit.
  5. Delays with ordering 2022 Supra

    Dang, I guess this makes me feel a little better about paying MSRP!
  6. What did you do to your Supra today?

  7. Do you miss your previous cars? I miss mines from time to time

    I really enjoyed my Z4 M Coupe.... Kind of regretted letting go of it... I think I'm over it now :cool:
  8. For those who financed their MKV

    I was able to get 1.9% through Bank of America in Sept. Not sure if its still available. At that time Toyota Financial wasn't even close.
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Tinted my windows with FormulaOne 15% ceramic tint..
  10. Landed a 2021 3.0 premium for 7k off msrp

    That's an incredible deal! Congrats, enjoy the new ride!
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Put on a set of black powder coated OE wheels and installed a Rexpeed V1 spoiler.
  12. Anyone else keeping their Supra bone stock?

    Bought my Supra 2 weeks ago... Purchased an extra set of black powder coated OE wheels and a Rexpeed V1 spoiler. Don't have any other plans other than window tint and a blendmount for my R3. I think that sort of counts as stock. Maybe not bone stock.. :cool:
  13. Pricing and Negotiation 2022 Supra

    It looks like this one sold. Would be interesting to know if they paid the dealer's asking price.
  14. Weird 'oily dirt' buildup at specific areas of the car?

    +1 ) I've only had my car for 2 weeks and I noticed some black residue in the exact location after washing it for the first time. It seemed like it came from under the front edge of the door.
  15. Pricing and Negotiation 2022 Supra

    I went and checked out this one that popped up in my area. Great example of dealer mark up and add ons! Advertised price on the dealer website and Cargurus - $57,980 2022 3.0 Premium This is what you find on the windshield when you get to the dealer! at least it includes - Credit...
  16. Pricing and Negotiation 2022 Supra

    My experience with Jeff was positive. I had my eye on Supra's for a while and wasn't having any luck. All the Supra's with the specs I wanted within 300 miles where marked up 10k or in transit. Dealers had zero interest in my MSRP offer. I stumbled on Jeff's contact info on the forum and send...
  17. Pricing and Negotiation 2022 Supra

    I used Beach Cities Auto Brokers to get mine. Jeff was able to locate and reserve one of the first 2022's to get delivered in SoCal for me. Give him a call/text at 310-405-3507.
  18. Best 3M Tape for rear spoiler install * Rexpeed V1 *

    I purchased a preowned Rexpeed V1 rear spoiler so I won't have the install kit or instructions. I see there are several widths for the 3M tape as well as different types. From what I've read I need 3M acrylic VHB tape, but what width would be best for this install. If anyone has some insight...