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  1. Help me identify this part number

    Hey! upon doing a ton of installs I’ve misplaced two bolts that attach the corner of the panels. I could use random ones but I’m ocd with using oem components I need Assistsnce finding these bolts / fasteners I’ve searched through oem replacement parts and cannot seem to find these panels /...
  2. Active exhaust options?

    Some mics are more sensitive than others, some people record inside outside, warmed up / cold , surroundings and distances recorded all play a factor as well. I always found exhaust videos were more helpful to figure out what tone you want rather than loudness. in cabin with windows up valve...
  3. Active exhaust options?

    Have hks hi power installed with titan catless dp And i can Personally tell you the difference with valve open to closed is night and day in my opinion. The car is pretty close to oem with the valve closed even with the catless dp.
  4. 2021 oem exhaust

    2021 oem exhaust 5k miles on system Valve works fine went aftermarket don’t need this any longer. - $300 local pickup South NJ
  5. Dealer Bricked My ECU

  6. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    Understand I’m happy to pay the bench unlock fee etc. i just Wanted the updated before going to get my tune with ecu tech. However if it’s going to lock me out from doing that I’ll cancel my apt with Toyota and just pay @BIMMER-REMOTE for his service.
  7. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    I’m not trying to argue however why is visconti tuning and bimmer-code telling me otherwise ?
  8. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    I’m suppose to get tuned in a few weeks figured I’d get this done first but now I’m rethinking if it’s worth the risk…
  9. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    so still a small chance they can screw something up and have to assumingly replace my entire ecu ?
  10. Dealer Bricked My ECU

    i have A 21 with a 2/20 date so you are saying if I do this recall / update for full screen Apple car play my ecu will be completely locked ? And will not be able to be bench unlocked anymore ? And I will no longer be able to get tuned ? im reading such mixed information and starting to...
  11. Fullscreen Apple Carplay

    Same …… someone’s gotta get this working lol