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  1. Rexspeed Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel

    Yea you can definitely see that with the quality of the core…it’s not even close to OEM. So that’s gotta be the $300-$400 difference between other brands and Rexspeeds. They must be sourcing cheap cores from wherever. On a positive note…the CF they use on their interior parts matches the OEM CF...
  2. Rexspeed Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel

    I picked up a Rexspeed steering wheel about a month ago through A90 Shop when they were on sale for $480. I got leather, white stitching and a white center stripe. Overall Im happy, but there are a few defects. The old saying you get what you pay for is definitely true in this case. Most of...
  3. Blindspot monitoring error

    Interesting..... thanks a lot for all the replies guys. This gives me a little bit of hope that the errors will eventually clear out on their own. I hate having to bring my car into the dealer. So it sounds like maybe I just need to give it a wash lol. Or perhaps just leave it Mason...
  4. Blindspot monitoring error

    Bumping an old thread here…. I’m experiencing the same issue with BSM as well as lane keep assist. The problem arose after having the car parked in the garage for about 10 days. I got a CTEK charger and charged my battery thinking that could have been the issue…but it still pops up once I get...
  5. Blind Spot Monitor

    @Blzr1104 Just wondering if the blind spot monitor error ever cleared for you? Or did you have to take it into the dealer? Im having the same issue and mine hasnt cleared in about a weeks worth of driving. Ive had this issue before when installing subs/amp with the battery disconnected, but...
  6. 2022 A91 - Carbon Fiber Edition available - Cols, Ohio

    Wow…too stupid huh? I guess having an opinion on a particular style makes someone stupid. Gotta love the world we live in nowadays. And I can guarantee I’m not the “one person” who feels the same way I do about it.
  7. 2022 A91 - Carbon Fiber Edition available - Cols, Ohio

    Whats strange then is how the passenger seat has red in it. If it was to be totally "driver focused" with red surrounding the driver...then the passenger seat should be black. Idk its just weird to me and I think it would bug the hell outta me if I owned one. And to pay another $1,100 (for a...
  8. 2022 A91 - Carbon Fiber Edition available - Cols, Ohio

    I recently saw a video walkaround of one of these.... what's up with the mis-matched door panels? The drivers door is red and the passenger side is the normal black....? Why would Toyota do that? @yellowman Being an owner of one of these CF editions....does that bother you?
  9. To anyone who has removed the interior door panel

    Ive had my door panels off numerous times and this would happen to me about 50% of the time. What you have to do is just pull on it and the screw retainer that is pressed into the metal door frame will come out. Its a delicate balance of pulling hard enough to remove it, without pulling on the...
  10. Keeping stuff from flying in the trunk?

    If you pull up the bottom shelf by wedging your hand under it from the back and pulling it upwards, it'll come right out. Once the bottom shelf is out, you can feel under the side walls for the 8mm tapped holes that are pre-drilled into the body. After you've located the tapped holes, mark the...
  11. TPMS for the Supra

    Thanks a lot for the link to these. Just got them installed this morning and they worked perfectly. The installer didn’t need to program them since they come preprogrammed from the vendor and they paired with the car in about 2-3 minutes. Couldn’t be happier with how smoothly it went. Plus I...
  12. TPMS for the Supra

    Thanks for the video. It was an interesting watch. Didn’t make it through the whole thing but I think I got the gist of it. Unfortunately the wa002s are on back order so I’m gonna give the eBay ones a shot.
  13. wobble bolts?

    These are the 112x5 (14mmx1.25) to 114x5 (12mmx1.5) Lowering the stud/bolt size down to 12mm gives enough clearance to allow you to run a 114x5 lug pattern. Vargas Turbochargers I think the website has a typo in the description bc it says they’re 12mm.x1.25… but I’m positive theyre 12mmx1.5
  14. wobble bolts?

    You guys should’ve ordered directly from Vargas Turbos…shipping is pretty fast as long as they’re in stock. Bumping this thread just to confirm the fitment is very good. Finally had a chance to install all four wheels and go for a nice drive. I ended up getting aluminum centering rings to...
  15. TPMS for the Supra

    So Im hoping someone can help me out here.… Im trying to use my previous car’s (Genesis G70) winter setup that have 433mHz sensors installed from Tire Rack. The wheels/sensors are not even a year old and worked flawlessly when switching them onto the G70. These are the them: Sensors So I...
  16. Disassemble Interior: Center Stack & Climate Controls (Fix Squeaking)

    Haha yea same here. That’s exactly how I was with sound deadening and fixing all the ticks and rattles. Next thing you know, your seats are out of the car and their getting red alcantara inserts lol.
  17. Disassemble Interior: Center Stack & Climate Controls (Fix Squeaking)

    Yea no I hear ya. But you can get away with just taking apart the cup holder, drivers knee pad piece (8 screws) and then the wireless charger to get the CF piece off. Shouldn’t take much more than 20 minutes or so to do those 3-4 pieces.
  18. Disassemble Interior: Center Stack & Climate Controls (Fix Squeaking)

    Yes. There are screws that hold it in place which are accessed from underneath the CF piece. Here’s a link to another thread explaining this: And just so you know, that pic was taken from...
  19. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    It looks awesome! Very professional 👌🏼
  20. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    Same here! I dont do much shopping either, but if I throw my gym bag and a backpack back there, there's not much room for anything else haha.