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  1. Racing side mirrors, GT4?

    Already got that, guess I will skip this upgrade
  2. Racing side mirrors, GT4?

    Will $1300 give me 50 more hp?
  3. What wheel size?

    35 no rubbing, but I am not lowered.
  4. Navigation not loading after software recall

    My dealership did four so far and two needed new head units, mine one of those. Batting .500
  5. Navigation not loading after software recall

    Differences in the head unit if you have navi or not. One had three ports in the rear, the other four. Navi has four. Might want to give the stealership a heads up so they don't order the wrong part and waste your time.
  6. Navigation not loading after software recall

    I had the same issue. The correct unit is not in the standard parts catalog with navi. They had to call Toyota directly to order the right part number. I am fixed and back to normal with the recall and upgrades complete.
  7. Supra Throwback Tail Lights

    Yeah, seems a bit steep and wont make me go faster.
  8. BNIB Eibach Rear Swaybar

    Even with a lift its a PAIN
  9. BNIB Eibach Rear Swaybar

    I decided the same. Too much of a pain the arse to change out.
  10. Registration fees - what state has it the worst?

    I may win here. TN for a standard plate renewal is $58. I have a special plate that is $65 to renew.
  11. MKV Future Classic?

    No one can predict the car market. But one person here is correct in that, once they end production, low miles ones will increase in value. There is garbage out there no one thought would be worth a dime when old. Then I watch Mecum and cannot believe it.
  12. Need your help with factory speaker question

    or get one from the junk yard.
  13. installed intake, no spooling sounds

    It’s typically one of the reasons people put in a CAI, that and marginal HP gains.
  14. Scam alert

    The Admin did the right thing and banned him. He will pop up with another fake handle.
  15. Rear Eibach Sway and Rear SPL Parts for Sale

    I got a rear Eibach sway for sale. I also have some rear SPL parts for sale. Let me know if you are interested. If you buy the group we can work on a deal. NIB Rear Eibach Sway $225 includes ship NIB SPL Rear Upper Arms $650 includes ship-New $799 NIB Rear Toe Links SPL $350 includes ship-New $429
  16. JB4 CEL Code!

    Me too. IMHO, Jesse is a stand up guy. Several other owners I know have also used him.
  17. JB4 CEL Code!

    Jesse flat out told me and others map3 is not safe to run. Could be he is trying to drum up business, but I don’t think so.
  18. JB4 CEL Code!

    turn off map 3, it isn’t safe. Need to custom tune your JB4 or stay on map 2!
  19. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    stock height. PM a number and I will text photos.
  20. Hood vent samples

    Don't want CF