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  1. Official TURBULENCE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    Scooped up a 2.0 about a month ago. The shop I got ppf done at had a nice photoshoot included. This was my favorite pic. Loving the car 😎
  2. Buying from CarMax

    Hey everybody, just wanted to give y'all an update. I drove the 3.0 yesterday but the CarMax location had some "unspoken rule" where you couldn't take a car worth more than $50k on a 24 hour test drive. The original owner definitely used Bimmercode to take out fake engine noise and a couple...
  3. Buying from CarMax

    That's a nice list of things to check, thanks for that! Didn't think of looking at the ECU but that's obviously a pretty big indicator. Very helpful, thank you so much! I guess I was under the assumption that the inspection would take a decent amount of time that I'd rather be spending...
  4. Buying from CarMax

    Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm doing the 24 hour test drive early next week and was wondering if anyone has had experience with buying a car like this from CarMax? I was planning on doing some basic checks around downpipe and intake to see if it was modded previously but not sure...
  5. LEGO Speed Champions Set Coming This Summer!

    I actually think it's pretty cool. Should be a nice desk ornament
  6. Tempted to sell my car

    Been thinking about it as well. Was surprised my c-class is only 4k less than I paid for it 2 years ago. Waiting for MY22 announcement and then will either sell for MY21 or stick it out for whatever delays the 22 will have
  7. Anyone else waiting for the 2022 announcement before they pull the trigger?

    Waiting for the announcement as well. Hoping for Android Auto with MY22. The red interior rumor would also be awesome. I'm willing to wait for the possibility of either. Hopefully we're a month or so out