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  1. Considering buying a Supra

    Those are packages you can buy....seperated into stages. ZRK is dead on right....people talking in stages probably glaze over the details of their car....OR...don't even own the car and just want to sound cool.
  2. Downpipe buyer: NitroYellowMKV

    I'd never sell mine if I installed a HF catted DP ...just so I could swap it back if I ever needed to.
  3. oops

    I am an idiot too.
  4. *TUNEABLE ECU* 2021 Supra 3.0 Premium

    Carvana just offered me $57,337 for my 21' premium with 9,500 miles. Just FYI....I'm not gunna sell mine...but prices for supras might be on the rise.
  5. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    I don't see it at all when I look it's still only listing the auto as the only option.
  6. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    Cool deal. Yes in my world low 11s and high 10s is entry into the fast car world. Usually the local street rippers around here are even faster than that...but they usually weigh the 60-130 times more than 1/4 mile times...however usually a fast 1/4 translates over. If after my car becomes...
  7. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    That is fast. How much cash is sunk into that to make it that fast....and if 1/4 strip is your goal...Is the Supra the best platform? I'm sure there is not an easy answer to that question...but you know arguments can be made in every direction from different viewpoints in the Tuner Universe...
  8. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    IDK...In my opinion the Supra falls into my "slow car" category. However what is "slow" is subjective.
  9. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    I would definitely have chosen a manual if that were an option! I do think the ZF is a great auto...definitely didn't leave me sad like the A8 did in my old Stingray. However Manual would be more fun for good weekend rips and for track days as well.
  10. Is your Supra the same after the recall?

    The posts in this thread….:confused:
  11. Is my hood messed up?

    Hmm.. my car has this same issue...really didn't notice it because it's not as bad as the OPs hood..but definitely mine doesn't line up.
  12. 2021 3.0 wheels/tires/tpms

    Wow...That is a great deal!
  13. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    I've been the down to do it but not next weekend. Besides in TX weather we can do this year round...well as long as we don't freeze over again.
  14. C8 Corvette Z06 revealed

    I think the Z06 is awesome! I thought I read that base MSRP was 87k or so. I HIGHLY doubt they will sell for that. Just like the base C8 I'm sure the price is going to be inflated for who knows how long.
  15. Wind Buffeting solutions/products compare and review Thread

    I used the Amazon ones and they window whistle with the windows up at any speed the car can go. Also buffeting completely gone 120+. Good results for me at least. Worth a try for $9.
  16. Who has a ton of interior rattles?

    I only had a rattle in the rear....and it turned out to be the rear cargo shade/cover wasn't snapped in all the way. My car is pretty solid...on certain roads..I get the door lock buzzing...but mostly my car is solid. However...I've been drivng sports cars my whole driving life.....sooooo...I...
  17. Any interest in a Twisted Sisters drive?

    I'm still down...I was thinking of just driving up and taking the cruise myself lol.
  18. Question about exhaust popping!

    Yes this is normal. You can rest easy and enjoy it!