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  1. “What’s the deal with all the 370 Z’s flex’n on me!”

    When I first got my Supra I was driving home through a rougher part of town. A 370z pulled out in front of me headed the opposite direction. They had no doors on this car. They flipped me off and yelled fuck you at me. Couldn’t help but laugh.
  2. Pricing on 2022 models

    I paid msrp for my 2022.
  3. Powder Coated Stock Wheel Thread

    Not sure myself, but I’d definitely read the fine print. Powder coating could change the integrity of the wheel in some way.
  4. Considering buying a Supra

    I use a BMW specific shop around me, though they do work with all Euros and probably anything really, they specialize in BMWs, though.
  5. Scam alert

    Require recipient signature on high dollar items. Personally, I prefer to sell local when I can, but if it’s not locally then most car forums will have folks that will vouch for sellers AND buyers which can give you some peace of mind. This particular guy screamed scam from the start, so...
  6. A91 Stripes Factory Defect

    When I first got my Model 3 Performance in 2018 I noticed I had no trunk lights. I thought that was a hell of a way to save money until I looked at my dad’s and realized his did. I looked closer and mine were simply not connected, wires just hanging on back there. I had to pull the trunk trim...
  7. Lets talk about post 06/2020 Tuning

    Does this process work with 2022s? I always see 2021 mentioned, and I’m presuming no change in ECU from 21 to 22, but just curious.
  8. Lowering spring question x3

    H&R lowers about an inch. Eibach makes some that are .8 I believe. Not sure on #2, I’ll let you know next week. You should get an alignment anytime you alter suspension geometry. I mean the car will drive without one. Some people wait on the springs to settle before doing one.
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Put on the ZL1 add on rock guards. Pain in the ass with the rivets as I’m pretty sure I broke half of them, at least I had extras. Didn’t have to remove back tires. Going on my birthday next week to have the AA catted downpipe, H&R springs, and spacers installed. Then I’m likely going to...
  10. ZL1 Rock Guards - Buy the correct hardware before installing

    The set I just ordered did not come with black hardware for the rear. I did figure out how to install without taking the tires off, so that was convenient.
  11. SC Midlands Owners

    I’m an hour or so from Columbia, but in NC. Waxhaw. Nice car, like the red a lot.
  12. OBD scanners and cables if you parse through the site, it’ll show you which adapters are compatible with which cars and where you can buy. I bought one listed in general not realizing each series had different adapters that worked.
  13. BIMMERCode User Guide

    They haven’t been in stock anywhere that I’ve seen recently.
  14. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Sweet! Looking forward to meeting some other Supra owners!
  15. BIMMERCode User Guide

    lol I bought the Veepeak and it of course can’t access the option for starting the car in sport mode, the only thing I wanted to turn on. Guess I’ll wait on the price of the link to come back to reality. Was looking forward to modifying some stuff until it says half the modules aren’t supported.
  16. Do you consider the Supra a "young persons" car?

    this is the corvette problem. I had a C7 Z06, probably my favorite car I’ve had, but every other Corvette owner was like 100 years old. They have clubs run by members with boards and elections like it’s a retirement community.
  17. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Signed up for HPDE event at Carolina Motorsports Park Feb 19. Went to CES yesterday and talked with them about scheduling some time to install downpipe, springs, etc. Hopefully I can get some time in next few weeks there.