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  1. PSA: Are you about to buy a new turbo? You should wait.

    Question is can I use my existing aftermarket intake (e.g. Eventuri, HKS, etc).
  2. HKS intake....?

    The full box just came out I think 6 months ago or so. No long term discoloration so far. As for sound clips, I'll try to see if I can get some for y'all. Need to find a not crappy weather day to do it.
  3. Dinan Ignition Coils

    The OEM Bosch coil packs are good enough for 1k HP. I have some other coil packs that I am testing to see if they are a viable alternative to the OEM Bosch coil packs.
  4. HKS intake replacement filter

    Sadly, any standard cone filter won't work if you have the enclosed intake from HKS. I am trying to find a suitable replacement.
  5. Advice needed.. Bought Supra from Autonation; they aren't fulfilling their part of contract; ghosting me

    You could always take them to small claims over it but I would hound them over the $60 or ask them (at this point) to comp a service instead.
  6. APEX Wheels | Forged Sprint™ Line Group Buy -Concluded-

    I can't seem to select the VS-5RS as an option for the Supra on the configurator. Also, the configurator lists only 18x11 et40 as a Supra option.
  7. APEX Wheels | Forged Sprint™ Line - Our Lightest Wheels, When Milliseconds Matter

    Really wish a color like Titanium Blue or Mag Blue was available. Oh one can dream.
  8. KW V3 vs Fortune Auto 510?

    You can ask Jordan Best on FB. He's based out of NC. He can tell you all about it.
  9. KW V3 vs Fortune Auto 510?

    Fortune Auto > KW. One of the local guys had his warranty voided by KW for his KW v3 because he tracked it. Fortune Auto does make some sick suspension. One of the other local guys is running it and its held up well.
  10. Supra Manual Wallet

    I would love to have one since I never got one with my car. I do love the touch with the GR logo on the pouch.
  11. Supra Coding Step By Step

    I used a Belkin Lighting Network adapter as well as an ENET cable on both a 2020 (pre-recall) and a 2021 (post-recall). Both work fine. I had to move to a Belkin MFi-certified adapter due to iOS 14/15 killing support for non-MFi network adapters. Android 11 also has issues with USB-C adapters...
  12. Hubcentric ring for te37sl While you can run without the wheels being hub-centric, it is recommended to have the wheel be hub-centric. More contact space for the wheel to grip on to just incase something bad happens (like an unproperly torqued wheel bolt...
  13. Hubcentric ring for te37sl

    These hubcentric rings are the ones I bought. In case you need it like right meow.
  14. Footwell lights help needed

    We don't have the wiring for footwell lighting on US spec'd cars. Best thing to do is to buy some LED strips and wire them in.
  15. Mods that have improved your times

    I am running I think -1.4 in the front and I don’t have the LCAs (yet).
  16. Mods that have improved your times

    The Vorschlag camber plates only give a you like a degree or two of adjustment. Same with the Verus one. Best to have this along with the SPL LCA for more adjustment.
  17. Mods that have improved your times

    Second time around, I moved on to Yokohama Advan Apex V601 tires. 265/35/19 and 285/35/19.
  18. For Sale: Sparco Pro Corsa and Yokohama BluEarth Winters

    Bore size? are they 5x112, 5x114.4, or 5x130 (Porsche fitment)?
  19. For Sale: Sparco Pro Corsa and Yokohama BluEarth Winters

    What are the specs on the wheels?
  20. What Parts do we want developed for Supra??

    Anything ever come out of this or did I miss something?