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  1. C7 GrandSport or Supra CF Edition.

    I've had 5 vettes over the years and the last one I sold was an C6Z06 which I drove for 9 years. Never a huge Vette fan but it was the best bang for the buck as I'm not rich! Bought a 2020 Supra and couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.....great gas mileage, sounds great, I like a smaller...
  2. OEM m2 comp mirrors

    I found the horn end interfered with my seeing ahead......would recommend stock style! The horned ones are really cheap on Aliexpress! Search BMW Z4 G29
  3. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I just stuck the tip of my pen knife in beside the button and it popped right out...
  4. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    Only approx 1000 sold in Canada in total !
  5. Busted my lip!

    Are the replacement factory pieces black ?
  6. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    Got 1 of 1000 in Canada....
  7. Active exhaust options?

    I ran mine like this but run in regular mode most of the time....removed fuse 203 to keep valve open ....might as well have bought an unvalved system.....really like the xmod .....perfect sound for me with the valve open....
  8. What cars are you eyeing after/to pair with the Supra?

    I'm getting older at 69...pondering a Lexus RC 350 ......
  9. Debating to start selling steering wheels for supra's and other cars!

    They sell them on aliexpress for approx $ have one and it is perfect!
  10. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    Same here after the previous update! The previous update didn't wipe out the bimmercode changes though....
  11. Aftermarket Steering Wheels...

    Love my aliexpress wheel.....where do you think the us suppliers get theirs?
  12. What do you think of the Miata?

    Had 2 miata's and then a 08 Z06...miatas too small and the Z06 was too big....Supra is the perfect car for me....
  13. What’s your actual gas mileage?

    I get 39-40 mpg in Canada.....same as my VW Beetle Dune....780 km to a!
  14. Supra Coding Step By Step

    I removed fuse # F203 in the rear...start car, put in sport mode mode, check to see valve is open....pull fuse F203 and it will stay codes!
  15. MagnaFlow or AWE exhaust?

    Wanted abit more sound with my xmod so I pulled the F203 fuse in the rear....left car running and put in sport to open the valve...pull F203 fuse and it's now open all the time and no error codes!
  16. What did you do to your Supra today?

    1952 here....walked to school and was uphill both ways!!!
  17. OEM Steering Wheel Core

    I've got one for sale too with 200 miles......$400 plus shipping would be great!
  18. Fuses 1-7 ?

    Ya..the side panel on mine broke at the top inside pin area...had to crazy glue it..worked....