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  1. Toyota Supra With Manual Transmission Spotted In The U.S. (Leaked Video)

    useable backseat in the A80 if you have no legs - i'm not tall (6'0") and there is 0,5" of room between the back of my recaro SR2 and the front of the rear seat
  2. Toyota Supra With Manual Transmission Spotted In The U.S. (Leaked Video)

    Correct. I believe Guff mentioned a while a go you could even purchase the bigger rotors, bolt them on, and done. I'd have to confirm that however.
  3. 3 Brand New Active Autowerke Catted downpipe

    Hi mate, would you ship to Australia? How much to Ballarat, Vic, 3350? I love the raspy sound of the decats, however, I want to remain catted for warranty issues (any mods can void it in Au). How do these sound compared to OEM? Thank you
  4. Who are the Regulars on this forum!

    I float around looking for news and rumours, that's about it these days. For me it's about deciding whether to swap the ZF6 for the 6MT version if it arrives.
  5. Toyota Supra With Manual Transmission Spotted In The U.S. (Leaked Video)

    The rear rotors are around 10-15mm smaller in diameter. That's it. Not enough to warrant caring, given the fronts are the same and do the majority of the work.
  6. Blindspot monitoring error

    Yeah, it eventually went away. I regularly run mine through a touch-free autowash that sprays underneath the car too. That, and regular wash, and it went away....
  7. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    I am torn as to whether to upgrade to the 6MT or not. The ZF8 is a sensational transmission, and it's a nice point of difference to the other Supras I own. But, I love manuals...
  8. Whos seen a holden Vf Commodore ssv?

    I see SO MANY OF THEM They were pretty good for what they were. Reasonably well built with an LS engine for Hyundai money.
  9. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    Thank you, that's definitely got Supra-specific equipment in it. Let's hope it moves out of the prototype phase.
  10. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    All my other Supras are manual, it'd be nice to match them. But unless I can do it for not a lot of cost difference, I'll stick with the ZF8.
  11. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    I am really impressed with the ZF8. The key to a good auto is it's predictability and it's control. Does it do exactly as you expect, every time? I've found even newer performance DCT will still not hold gears, still not shift up 3 gears in quick succession - but the ZF8 does exactly as it's...
  12. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    Yep, and that's noticeably different around the edges. the HVAC controls are identical to the A90 in the original photo. Interesting!
  13. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I got my hoist in finally!
  14. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    Got another one, just to show/tease it's the Supra interior :P ?
  15. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    BMW don't use the single sport button, they have multiples, IIRC. The one in the image looks like the Supra Sport button. The contours of the soft rubberised plastics on the RHD lookl like the Supra. It looks like the "leg rest" has been removed (assuming a LHD car) as well. I've just looked...
  16. Anyone have Volk ZE40 19inch fitment?

    Yep, I have the 9/10" on mine. Easiest to get pics on my instagram RyleyMA61
  17. OEM PN Request : Front lip, Front bumper skin

    Hi guys Does anyone have the OEM BMW/Toyota PN for the front lip (outer LHS piece) and the front bumper skin? Thank you, Ryley
  18. Tomei USA announces FULL TITANIUM MUFFLER for GR Supra

    Anyone have the type D in stock at RRP or less, that would ship to Au?
  19. Everyone’s Opinion VSC TRACTION

    Unless you're used to handling cars that are a bit angryl, I would leave off or in sport. I drive mine constantly with it off - but I am used to cars with too much power and 0 aids (My A61 is 1250kg and 350kW - twitchy as hell with my suspension set up) The A90 is an absolute animal with ESC...