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  1. The all-new BMW 2 Series Coupé (G42)

    That's the M240i... Word is that M2 might have a completely different looking front end, from some possible leaks that came out.
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Seems like marring/damage from the tube bender dies when they are bending the tubing. Most likely one of the dies is damaged which is why it is leaving all the same marks/defects on their exhausts
  3. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Same, most stuff I see is on Instagram stories that came from tiktok/whatever else, never used them. lol yeah probably only a handful or two born before the 90s. 87 here lol
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    this viral vid should explain where it came from;
  5. Headlights misaligned?

    Yes, 100% normal for the left light on Xenon lights to have the cut off lower. As said it is intentional as to not blind oncoming drivers. I get flashed enough as it is in my e92, I can only imagine how bad it would be if the left beam was as high as the right beam. I did adjust them a little...
  6. Plate behind rotor warped

    The front are normal and I would assume the rears also. Just to direct air in/out of backside of rotor/vanes
  7. Cheap Track Tires

    I just went with some RS-RR's for my E92. Wasn't too worried about the wet grip being from Cali. Let us know how the Pro's work, I haven't seen to many review on them
  8. The all-new BMW 2 Series Coupé (G42)

    That's not the M2, just a regular 2 series. Probably M240i judging by the exh tips. The M2 has been spotted a few times with the quad tips and some pretty flared fenders recently
  9. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    lol from your comments about Corvettes, you sound just as toxic and annoying as the Chevy people you speak of. The Z06, ZR1, and Zora are going to be some BADASS machines from what I have read recently;
  10. Got a 94' MKIV TT Auto....Super Clean!

    Nice car! I thought you had already bought a skyline like a year or so ago and were just trying to get it imported?
  11. Steering Wheel Ebay Option

    lmao you could sure use some reading comprehension......
  12. Steering Wheel Ebay Option

    LMAO, My wheel was modified by Royal Steering Wheels in the UK. Also, they(China/Aliexpress co's) are using Toyota cores, it's a toyota steering wheel with "China" leather/carbon. So you just sound stupid sayin "chinesium", refering to China pot metal, when it's a Toyota wheel
  13. Steering Wheel Ebay Option

    Why is it junk, because it came from China? From what I can tell the quality looks damn good, and looks like an awfull lot of US places are reselling this china junk
  14. IMSA Racing

    Sweet, IMSA is one of my favorites to watch, interested to see how the Supra does! Looking forward to Laguna Seca next year!
  15. Track Day: Front rotors grooved

    BMW has never had any stock pads that were that good on the track, most people replace them right away if tracking. I would assume it's the same on the Supra.
  16. Is my Supra Broken?

    It's totally normal if it's only doing that when cold/ just started. As long as the smoke isn't thick and stays lingering in the air. If it dissipates quickly then I wouldn't worry about it
  17. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    You know, maybe because some people are car enthusiasts...........
  18. CF engine cover, radiator cover and ECU cover

    I get that, I was clarifying(for people that may not know) that it's not actually the quality of carbon fiber cloth that makes a piece turn yellow, but the quality of the resin used in the layup / top coat of the part.
  19. CF engine cover, radiator cover and ECU cover

    It has nothing to do with the carbon fiber, it's the epoxy resin(and/or clear coat) that is used that provides the UV resistance and resistance to yellow
  20. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I track my car and don't even like having them on then lol