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  1. PSA: Are you about to buy a new turbo? You should wait.

    Happy to hear they are considering a closed intake box solution.
  2. PSA: Are you about to buy a new turbo? You should wait.

    I had messaged remnant and he said no. He is releasing a video to explain this as well. Edit: Video released
  3. PSA: Are you about to buy a new turbo? You should wait.

    Was the goal with the Pure850 to drag or dyno queen?
  4. PSA: Are you about to buy a new turbo? You should wait.

    This kit is also perfect for those that capitalized off their stock turbos and need to drop one in for when they sell and utilizing the tune they paid for. I'm certain in the private market the buyer would pay a couple grand extra for a car with more power.
  5. PSA: Are you about to buy a new turbo? You should wait.

    At this price point, can we really have high expectations?
  6. Clicking/Ticking noise coming from driver side.

    Doubt the dust boot was the cause. Taking part and reinstalling sounds like the fix.
  7. DarkZupra's Build

    Getting the videos out of the way now while at work haha. I can't tell you how excited I am to measure my tool box tonight and make a game plan. I just don't know how much of everything I need?
  8. DarkZupra's Build

    I was stuck on that website for hours. Big mistake so late at night.
  9. Mimosa's Build

    I have the 12.5 Voltex wing, which might be heavier than your Street hunter wing. So maybe 152 lb would be best for me too.
  10. Mimosa's Build

    I just looked at my trunk. Yeah very easily accessible. How have they been working for you?
  11. DarkZupra's Build

    Off topic. What organizer is this?
  12. AMS Performance Alpha Kits Now Available! **NEW PRODUCTS**

    For my use of street driving, top mount would only take away from the experience with more lag. This is coming from the shop that has the P2tuned installed currently and came from a AMS 8 and Pure 800.
  13. Mimosa's Build

    Need to look but are the bolts hard to get to under panels?
  14. Advice for 2020 Supra build

    I was gonna get NT555G2 front and NT555Rll but they don't make 295/35 rears. Now I'm planning on Azenis RT660.
  15. AMS Performance Alpha Kits Now Available! **NEW PRODUCTS**

    I was told 2023 they start selling or start R&D. I've already waited a year and will not wait any longer, especially with the issues I am hearing about on these kits. I'll still run all the AMS stuff but just with a Pure800 and stock charge-pipe.
  16. HKS spring height

    That is very interesting I don’t recall where my manual is but can you post the geometry ratio?
  17. HKS spring height

    I am OCD about this as well. The reason you see some images that seem good to you and then some too tall vary on the wheel and tire setup. Out of box height is perfect for 275/35 and 305/35 tires. If your tires are smaller I would suggest a 1/8" drop for every tire size smaller.
  18. AMS Alpha 6 Reviews?

    It's true there aren't many out there. I've also heard issues with the kits as well. Some info on the issues here:
  19. Help choosing Aero

    Evasive states 1520mm on their site. So I am assuming mine is 1520mm. I feel 1560mm or 1590mm would have been a better fit. What was the shipping cost?
  20. Help choosing Aero

    I see they have options for widths, unless certain widths are for certain cars.