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  1. Toyota Dealers in the Seattle Area

    Welcome to the forum! The only one I’ve seen sitting at a lot is at Lee Johnson Chevrolet in Kirkland. Its a 2.0 but the interior is identical to the 3.0. Your best bet is to hook up with the local group for a true test drive/ride. Inventory is scarce these days. -RJM
  2. PSA: Are you about to buy a new turbo? You should wait.

    I like the ingenuity, looking forward to the 6-port version. 🔥 -RJM
  3. Who are the Regulars on this forum!

    @NitroYellowMKV Here all the time trying to hype up this MKV into legend-hood. 😂 -RJM
  4. Registration fees - what state has it the worst?

    Congrats! She is a beauty. I’m looking forward to see her in person this summer at our meets. -RJM
  5. Help needed A91 salvage Supra

    That’s a rotten thing to do. Looks like they started to part it out before you took delivery. RJM
  6. Pacific Raceways WA Complimentary HPDE

    I would stay off that track when wet unless you’re running rain tires. You will be sliding all over. -RJM
  7. FS 2020 absolute zero 7XX whp **price drop**

    What’s the dream car? -RJM
  8. Registration fees - what state has it the worst?

    Welcome to the forum. Do you have any pics of your CF Edition? Its the first one I know of in the Seattle area. -RJM
  9. Mimosa's Build

    Great video! It sounds really good. It would have been nice to see a full dig from a dead stop. 😊 -RJM
  10. DO NOT Buy A Steering Wheel From "VQCarbonCustoms"

    You’re right, not all cores are created equal. A buddy of mine bought one of the Taiwan versions and had to file down the splines. The steering would not seat correctly on the OEM shaft. -RJM
  11. DO NOT Buy A Steering Wheel From "VQCarbonCustoms"

    Look at my comparison post. The bulging at the 4 corners where the leather transitions to the CF would drive me nuts. -RJM
  12. DO NOT Buy A Steering Wheel From "VQCarbonCustoms"

    There are differences I can spot them easily. Here is what I see that makes the @Extreme Power House steering wheel stand out. -RJM Extreme Power House Wheel Taiwan Version
  13. Kics Leggdura Racing Lug Bolts

    I was sent the wrong versions and vendor wouldn’t take them back. They will work with most aftermarket wheels but not with spacers. If your wheels are deep dish like the ones people run on wide body kits then I would get the 35mm versions. Also buy them from Vivid Racing they will take care...
  14. ArmaSpeed Intake

    Did you have any problems with the CCV hose? I’ve seen a few of them breaking on install. -RJM
  15. Air Fresheners?

    I use the small jar versions in all my cars/trucks. They work great. -RJM Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate Hanging Air Freshe...
  16. Bimecc Zinc Plated Lug Bolts

    I have a brand-new set (20 pcs) of Bimecc lug bolts for sale. The specs are: - 14mmx1.25 thread pitch - 60 degree conical seat - Zinc Plated - 28mm length (stock length) I’m asking $60 plus shipping. -RJM
  17. A90 A91 what's the difference?

    I have a 6-port 2021 with a CF tramp stamp. Do I have an A90 or A91?? 🤔 -RJM
  18. Has anyone used a broker to get at or under msrp?

    Its better to go aftermarket instead of drilling holes in your hatch. The OEM duck tail is over rated. -RJM
  19. Has anyone used a broker to get at or under msrp?

    Those front CF splitter parts look out of place on that car. The Seibon splitter looks 100x better. -RJM
  20. Speed Industry - be aware you probably won't get reward points

    They never gave me my points with $1000’s spent. And yes I have a formal account with them. Just another reason not shop with them. Did you guys know they’re charging 5% for cancelled orders now? That’s some BS right there! -RJM