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  1. BBK question

    Only if you replace the rears. If you replace the rear, you will lose the adaptive cruise control. The strangely uses the rear brake to slow the car.
  2. KW Coilover DDC

    It's more of an issue of getting it high enough.
  3. OEM Audio+ High Resolution Audio Amp and Subwoofer

    Glad that all are pleased. I noticed one HUGE improvement after I upgraded my system, that was the source material. I had downloaded material to the harddrive and that was a major improvement but still sounded compressed. Try Tidal. My brother had given me a subscription - HUGE improvement...
  4. Anyone running Michelin Pilot Sport AS 4?

    I switched over as I now have a set of track tires / wheels. All Season made more sense and they seem to work better in the rain and are working well in the cold dry (25 degrees F). Have a pickup that I drive with the snow.
  5. Improving OE Door Speaker Clarity and Depth

    The Focal K2 speakers are the ES100K. I have bought 2 sets from the seller with no issues. FOCAL ES100K 2-way Component Car Speakers | eBay and here is the link for the rings. Focal ES100K adaptor rings for BMW | eBay . I actually have 2 complete sets of rings available - purchased but didn't...
  6. Do you miss your previous cars? I miss mines from time to time

    I feel your pain, still miss the old NSX.
  7. KW Coilover DDC

    You appear to have all of the parts. Are you referring to the "distance collar" or the top hat. There is no distance collar, just the lower strut mount but you need to make sure that the peg on the strut aligns with the slot on the mount. You reuse the factory top hat unless you buy an...
  8. How to Remove the Inside Panel of the Trunk

    1. You first need to remove the covers over the Torx screws 2. Remove 2 Torx screws and disconnet the handle to the manual opener 3. Pry off the cover carefully
  9. AimGain GT Wing Drilling Template needed

    Did you ever find a template. I just got my wing and it is installed. Template available.
  10. Focal ES100K

    ES100K in the center. Ran a wire to the back for the tweeter, mounted the crossover near the amplifier in the rear. Used the factory harness wire to the woofer.
  11. Sold: Remark Exhaust

    Is it off the car?
  12. AMS CF engine cover question

    Have the matte cover. No issues including track time which would generate significant heat.
  13. Fi exhaust with Carbon fiber tips

    With a lift, shouldn't take more than a couple of hours at most.
  14. Focal ES100K

    Not plug and play. Making a box for the woofers and the subwoofer. If any interest, I can make extra sub boxes, nothing fancy. Woofer box is definitely more complicated as I am using the original woofer box for both mounting and to get extra volume without having to make the additional...
  15. Focal ES100K

    Finally putting everything together. Will post a build soon. I couldn't use the Focal Access I had planned because of size constraints. Will be going with the Focal ES100K for 5 channels and Dynaudio MW172 for the woofer and Earthquake 10" subwoofer (Leftover from prior project) for the true...
  16. BNIB Remark elite spec Catback

    Check the shipping to 48130, check greyhound as they are the least for large items.
  17. Brake upgrade options 2020

    Ferodo DS 3.12
  18. Lug Stud Stuck/Spinning

    Not sure how they got it so tight. Even an impact wrench can't get it that tight, I bet they used the wrench from the beginning to start the bolts and crossthreaded it immediately
  19. Rear unstable under heavy braking

    Don't know how it got loose, the rest are OK. You must be local to me if you were at Waterford. I have driven it a couple of times when dry and the track seems to be pretty polished. Not high speed but pretty technical. Good times! I skipped the sessions at MidOhio when the track was...
  20. Rear unstable under heavy braking

    Checked it today. The bolt was loose Retorqued and now OK. Checked all other suspension bolts and they were OK.