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  1. What did you do to your Supra today?

    for what its worth i also am running fortune auto coils with rsr cancelers, about once a month or every other month i get a chassis error for a day and then it goes away. every time i go to check it with my scan tool code is gone, i honestly gave up 😂 yours sounds more permanent though, did...
  2. Ams cold air intake and carbon engine cover

    Upgraded the ams intake manifold so engine cover doesn’t fit anymore. About 5k miles on it, looking for $300 shipped Ams cold air intake, changed to eventuri cold air due to running headlight duct. About 5k miles on it, Looking for $650 shipped.
  3. What did you do to your Supra today?

    thanks for the tips, finally finished mine today. Will say that cylinder 5 intake bolt was a pain in the ass. Not awful but i do work on cars for a living so im sure im biased. Ams instructions for the install are pure garbage 😂
  4. Intake Manifolds

    from what i have read as long as it has oem oil cap no issues that i have heard of, im installing the ams manifold this weekend so i dont have any hands on knowledge yet.
  5. Ams intake manifold

    last bump, about to put this thing on ebay
  6. What did you do to your Supra today?

    what manifold did you go with (ams or csf)? getting ready to install my ams, curious how bad its going to be.
  7. Ams intake manifold

    bump for an updated price, best i can do. no tax and shipped to you.
  8. What did you do to your Supra today?

    how bad of condition was your fenders in when they arrived to you (before paint)? just curious as mine had some damage and cracking. curious how bad of fitment im going to have.
  9. Ams intake manifold

    not a huge deal, i get great deals through my job. i appreciate it but I'm not that desperate for a buddy 😂. i could do a little better on price, as i don't mind passing the savings down to someone.
  10. Ams intake manifold

    include tax and its $4k
  11. Ams intake manifold

    I have a brand new unopened ams intake manifold. Bought 2 to get a sweet deal with the intention that my buddy was gonna get the second one, he has decided that he just isnt ready for port injection. Looking for $3550 shipped and paypal’d. can open box and take pics if your serious about purchase
  12. C8 Corvette Z06 revealed

    starting price will be under 90k, of course the z07 package will be beyond that 110k ish. my wife works for GM corporate. haven't set a price yet due to supply chain unknowns that will be mostly resolved in Q1 2022. unfortunately GM employees wont be able to order well into Q3 2022. if the price...
  13. AMS catted downpipe

    this is back up for sale, due couldnt get shipped through customs, apparently its getting stricter these days. im sorry i have had several people ask about shipping out ofthe US, i have been burned too many times. US shipping only
  14. AMS large core intake manifold.

    Instagram Video link to more info dropped
  15. Watch out for narcs!

    calling this dude a rat is extremely ignorant. So a technician should waste his time tearing into a vehicle and trying to get an authorization from Toyota for a $25k engine replacement, because some dumb fuck couldn’t be bothered to get a custom tune or check on the health of his logs...
  16. Watch out for narcs!

    you are not the only one that feels like this its obvious not one person/most have any idea how warranty claims or a dealership works lol. toyota/bmw 100% knows if you have even had any type of aftermarket calibration/how many times your ecu has been "flashed". lets say this dealership some...
  17. Atlanta Area

    hey man like mentioned above beaver is a good dealership, but honestly i would take it to a bmw shop, like Harrison Performance in Alpharetta is a fantastic shop they build quite a few bmw racecars, i use to know the old owner. also another great performance shop is cicio performance, i know...
  18. AMS large core intake manifold.

    bringing this thread back, i chatted with ams today about what's up with the release of the prototype manifold. was given a very suspicious response, soooo maybe we might see another intake manifold option on the market very soon.
  19. WTB: Catted Downpipe

    and they both use a gesi high quality cat, one is rated 50 more hp than the other, if you plan on even pushing those top numbers you should be catless anyways. :dunno: