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  1. Official Manual Transmission discussion thread

    You’re famous now. 86k people have seen this post 😂 Starts at 7:15
  2. Battery charger placement

    yep... I have a CTEK and thought I couldn’t split it any longer. Should be able to separate them and get the negative clamp over to the correct terminal
  3. Kansai Harness Bar

    Good to hear. Is an aftermarket seat a necessity with a 5 point harness? I just don’t want to deal with error codes and state inspections
  4. Kansai Harness Bar

    What’s the consensus on these harness bars being stable enough? I’ve read many people concerned about the strength of mounting points. I’d like to get a 5 point harness, but concerned about the structural integrity
  5. Track Day Tire Chat

    A052s would be great other than the wear.. I’m looking at endurance 200 options to get a longer lasting tire for hpde. The Goodyear eagle f1 super car 3 can be had in 265/35/19 and 285/35/19. I would consider Hankook rs4, but for factory rims they’re only available in 245/35/19 and 275/35/19
  6. Track Day Tire Chat

    Curious why you sized down instead of sized up to 265 and 285? I'd prefer to stay stock sizes, but looks like that's not possible with most track day tires
  7. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Is that pc? All I have is iracing, but there no mkv Supra in it
  8. Stock Supra in SCCA (BS) B-Street Autocross

    Autocross I'm thinking about doing Sunday is forecasted to rain 100% chance and 50-55 degrees. Car has stock pads and tires, 8,000 miles with 3 track days at Mid-Ohio. First time autocross.. in the cold/rain worth it, or wait til next year??
  9. Brake Pad Discussion - Don't take R1 Ceramic to track day!

    Sounds like the 2 pads to consider for street and track is CSG CP and Hawk HPS. Any other ones to consider?
  10. Stock Supra in SCCA (BS) B-Street Autocross

    Just talked to scca guy and he said the 2020 is BS and the 2021 is AS. Where do you guys that autocross find this info??
  11. Stock Supra in SCCA (BS) B-Street Autocross

    Cool thanks. I just took the strut bar off, so should be fine. But what’s this about the Supra switching to AS class per a post a couple up from here
  12. Stock Supra in SCCA (BS) B-Street Autocross

    Registering for my first scca autocross event and they said I can’t do the BS class because I have a front strut bar. Dammit the one thing I do just to dress the engine bay up a bit... I’ll need to go and read through this whole thread when I have time, but anyone know what class I need to...
  13. ZL1 Rock Guards - Buy the correct hardware before installing

    Yep. I think this is best. All the hardware supplied now is fine. I bought a couple extra longer stand offs, but didn’t even use them because the gap was minimal and nobody would ever notice.
  14. ZL1 Rock Guards - Buy the correct hardware before installing

    Finally installed these. I found these screws met a lot of resistance when I went to screw them in... I ended up putting in the stainless ones that were supplied with the kit, and they screwed in normally. I used the supplied stand-offs. I can see that slight gap that people talk about, but it’s...
  15. Mid-Ohio Supra Track Day

    Yeah I bought mine in Aug 19 and just did my track day earlier this month. It’s only $100, but I’m sure they’ll extend it for you
  16. Best performance alignment settings?

    Nah... curb problem.
  17. Mid-Ohio Supra Track Day

    My best lap was 1:45 on the club course with chin on Tuesday (chicane before the keyhole). Getting 7 hours of seat time with an instructor in the passenger seat on Monday and Tuesday was pretty awesome. I only had brake fluid, and the brakes felt great braking from 138 at the 500 marker going...
  18. Mid-Ohio Supra Track Day

    Who said the cross bar wasn’t functional? Figured I’d play around with Track Addict behind me so it can capture video of my steering + the track. Couldn’t get the OBD device to work with iOS though uggghh.
  19. Mid-Ohio Supra Track Day

    Ok cool. I see I can press and hold the safety button and it turns everything off. I’ll be curious to see what stays on even though it says all off
  20. Mid-Ohio Supra Track Day

    So I’m seeing we can’t completely turn off the front collision warning with brake intervention. I could this being an issue. Thoughts?