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  1. Transmission Issue?

    That was one incredibly long sentence stuffed in that paragraph. I had to grab a sip of coffee in the middle of it for a break. :D Short answer: no, not normal - and not heat related. These transmissions can take a serious beating without skipping a beat on the racetrack. I would definitely...
  2. More responsiveness

    There are some threads on here with specs but they are track oriented (on mobile or Id dig them up). For street I run zero toe front & 2mm total positive in rear, but if it were tracked more Id target 1/8th or 1/16th total negative in front and zero in the rear. Hopefully some others chime in...
  3. More responsiveness

    Alignment first before you go changing everything else. Adjusting toe will have a huge impact on this - from there it’s how weight is transferred and the supporting mods.
  4. NASA vs SCCA for maximum number of track days?

    This. Worth looking into Chin as they're a great traveling group (also visible on Motorsportsreg):
  5. Every New Supra comes with One Year NASA Membership

    The OEM is great, located in the trunk compartment on the right, and is free ;) They do not, relative to the track and how hard you’re pushing. Unfortunately pad compound selection is still a bit limited but CSG/Carbotech/GLOC/Project Mu/Hawk all have great track compounds ready. Like any...
  6. Pro driver driving my Supra at ncm race track in bowling green Kentucky

    Looks like an HPDE instructor leaving the car in Sport auto to me? :D Congrats on catching the bug!
  7. No traction

    Bookmark this bad boy:
  8. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Then learn! Read through some of the earlier posts in this thread, it's all here and there's a lot of it.. ECUs with a ~June 2020 or newer manufacture date are locked using earlier methods.
  9. Best street tire for grip and mileage?

    Fine if you're going straight but will push for all eternity on the track. :D
  10. ► Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    Not to purposefully hijack this for some useful data for you but pressures are going to be a lot more dependent on what your pyrometer is telling you, ambient & track temps, the tire compound itself, sidewall stiffness, and driving style than the wheel diameter / wheel.
  11. ► APEX | SM-10 Future Colors Survey - Concluded.

    Bump for results? ;)
  12. Civic Type R Review - Would you go back to fwd?

    Traded my CTR in on the Supra, haven’t looked back.
  13. Best street tire for grip and mileage?

    Check out any of the modern 200 TW tires for the kind of longevity you’re looking for. Falken 660 is the new kid on the block and sized for us.
  14. Lack of a spare tire, concerning?

    Bumping this for some possible feedback from any modern spare owners. Fitment ok front/rear? Have any photos of it in trunk? I tend to use the supra for business trips between Austin/Dallas/Houston and recently caught a huge piece of metal debris that deflated the tire in around 30 seconds...
  15. What wheel size?
  16. square oem 19 track setup ?