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  1. 2023 Manual Supra shown in Japan Le Volan Cars Meet

    Are those wheels even 19"? Such a sunk in look too..
  2. New Badge

    Someone killed the fake panda...?
  3. 2023 Manual Supra shown in Japan Le Volan Cars Meet

    It does.. per car magazines it appears they updated the suspension and my worry is that this is how all 2023's are going to look.. but hopefully not for the USA market since we only have pot craters on our roads. :dunno:
  4. 2023 Manual Supra shown in Japan Le Volan Cars Meet

    Car looks like a sedan with those wheels and a 4x4 ride height.. Do all 2023's come with that ride height? :crazy: Looksretarded..
  5. Traction Control

    I always drive with the nannie's on as I only drive the car handful of times a year and don't know her limits very well... especially while parking. :ninja: If I do crash, it will be with my garage door frame. :crazy:
  6. 2021 2.0 Supra 24Hr Test Drive Coming Up--Anything to Lookout For?

    What the heck. I like this one better than the AMS CF one that is already on my car. Shall I just stack it on top?
  7. Did the Sport Z just kill off the Supra 2.0?

    Agreed.. industry average price for a new car is like $46k in the USA. But the issue for most young folks (auto text insist I type fools.. lol) is they have small kids and owning a sports car usually means owning one or more additional cars for family duty. Then add insurance, garage space...
  8. Did the Sport Z just kill off the Supra 2.0?

    There is just no way to satisfy this demographic. Just a bunch of whiners when we all know the size of their wallet is the root of the problem. I know it is for me.. so I just take what the manufactures provide with gratitude. The 3.0L Premium for under $60K.. absolutely love my GR Supra...
  9. A Supra with a custom backseat?!?

    Someone had waaay too much time on their hands.
  10. A91-MT ordering

    Yeah, $2500 mark up is no problem.. I'd take it.
  11. A91-MT ordering

    Sad situation as with me, but your dealer sounds legit.
  12. A91-MT ordering

    My dealer told me BMW stopped taking special orders in 2020.. So while my dealer knows I have been waiting for a long while for a A91CF, they cannot take deposit as they have no idea when they would receive allocation. I suppose that's fair.. With the war going on, I don't expect to receive...
  13. BOV- Because Why Not

    Sounds like someone squashed a mouse. Excellent!
  14. What do you pay for insurance?

    Wow.. I've used my insurance countless times... primarily comprehensive coverage. Like car getting damaged while parked..or rock cracking windshield, bent wheel from pot holes, etc etc..
  15. What would you be willing to pay monthly for use of Man Cave Garage?

    If my kids were into cars I was planning on modifying my existing attached finished garage (900 sq ft), take out the ceiling, vault it and add a similar second floor lounge (not quite that big) and add a 2 post and a storage rack. But my kids have no interest in cars so I abandoned that...
  16. Rust on turbo bolts and behind turbo

    I mean steel parts rust just like brake rotors.. If it bothers you I suppose you can wire brush it and paint it with Engine enamel or something (Dupli-color).
  17. Best PPF Shop in WA?

    Isn't Griot's Garage out there? I'd ask them for their opinions.
  18. What do you pay for insurance?

    Must be nice to have only smart people in your country. We got a bunch of dumb folks here.. I'm one of them.
  19. Previous 2 Cars

    I still have my ‚Äúprevious‚ÄĚ cars next to my Supra.. 2016 STI and 2017 Golf-R. I also own a FA20 WRX limited as I am a 4 banger turbo MT dork..
  20. This made me laugh.

    I think wild color with black wheels, mid-low wide-ish door stripe, with splitter can work on this car. Maybe even white lettering on sidewalls.. Doesn't mean I want one..