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  1. Touchy / grabby brake pedal fix?

    Basically my brake pedal stopped being grabby after a couple hundred miles. You can also tryin bedding in the pads. They're very smooth and progressive now, they were just very grabby when I first got the car, and I know it wasn't me that got used to them, they definitely got less grabby as...
  2. MFR Engineering Aluminum Chassis Mounted Kit Video Review by Mod in Japan

    How much downforce does the front splitter create? Does the rear diffuser also help with that?
  3. Ohlins Road & Track

    I messaged Ind-distribution, and they mentioned that Ohlins would be releasing a R&T kit, but not until 2nd or 3rd quarter this year... If you're looking for high end suspension, I've gone with MCS 2 way non remote setup, they are by the same people who founded JRZ and Moton
  4. Not vs. but... who is coming from S2000 World?

    I very nearly bought another s2k before getting the supra, but it's an old car at this point. It seems like I'm chasing the memory of my 06' s2k constantly when I'm driving the Supra, but the Supra is too soft. The s2k was like a go kart that loved being driven hard, and really rewarded you...
  5. Lets see those 18" wheel setups!

    I looked into the A052 Advan, are you running the 275/40/18 front and 295/35/18 rear? Does this cause any problems with traction control on the street, or is there a way to calibrate the system after new tires of different diameters?
  6. Lets see those 18" wheel setups!

    I was looking at 18x10 and 18x11 wheels, but can't really find tires for this setup other than Toyo Proxes R888r which I'm not sure are a good choice for street use, even though it rains less than 10-15 days a year in California
  7. Lets see those 18" wheel setups!

    What's the advantage of 18" wheels? I'm having trouble finding 305 rears in 18" other than R888R
  8. Electronics Affecting Traction Control

    What happens if I don't install cancellers but leave traction control on? (Getting ready for coilover install)
  9. Aftermarket parts Directory

    Motion Control Suspension coilover kit; 1 way non remote reservoir, 2 way non remote reservoir, 2 way remote reservoir, 3 way remote reservoir, 4 way remote reservoir, scroll to bottom for list pricing, note these are only the shocks and struts, you will need to add springs and tophats...
  10. Aftermarket parts Directory

    Polyurethane transmission bushings:
  11. KW Coilover DDC

    Yeah, the A90 weighs 600 lbs or so more than the s2k, but the way the A90 pitches and rolls reminds me a lot like the NC grand touring Miata does. It's not bad, and while very controllable and linear, I think the A90 suspension is under sprung and under damped even in sport mode. Unfortunately...
  12. KW Coilover DDC

    I almost always drive in sport mode now, one of the other things that bothers me is the amount of roll and pitch, aside from the suspension feeling a little disconnected or floaty. Coming from an s2000 which could be very harsh, this feels a little under damped/sprung. One of the reasons I ask...
  13. PEEFREE's A90 Supra Build

    Do you daily the supra or is it more of a track car only? I ask because I'm curious what spring rates you have on the JRZs, and whether it's harsh on the street
  14. KW Coilover DDC

    Do you know what the spring rates are on these? I'm looking into upgrading the suspension in the hopes it will reduce the floating feeling I get with the stock suspension
  15. Girodisc 2 piece rotors

    I emailed them and they said they were making OE sized rotors but that it would be a couple months out before they were available
  16. Verus Master Cylinder Brace

    I wound up installing this kit myself and then I forgot that it was there until I did my first hard braking stop. It was instantly apparent to me that the master cylinder brace was there and doing its job. Removed a lot of ambiguity in the brake pedal. I wouldn't say it was a mushy pedal...
  17. Burble gone!!

    Awesome, can't wait to go stage 2 :headbang:
  18. Burble gone!!

    Any update on the loss of burble with BM3? thinking about getting it, but it seems like there are a lot of issues with BM3 on the forums recently....