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  1. Toyota GR GT3 Concept

    LOL There's still enough years between now and 2035 for a whole Sports car life cycle before they go all electric, so who knows.
  2. 2021 GR Supra Smoke coming out the Hood Battery CEL

    Yeah, if the AC compressor and the alternator share a belt that's gonna be a problem.
  3. 👣 Official: Toyota Announces Manual Transmission Supra!

    I feel like it was really Nissan who did this and not us.... happy none the less.
  4. The All-New GR Corolla World Premiere April 1, 2022

    oh this is just brilliant. LMAAAOOOOOOO
  5. Toyota GR GT3 Concept

    Well... they implied the rwd mazda 6 is dead, didn't say anything about the RX (and the L6 engine is still likely to see use in the SUVs).
  6. 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback & Sedan

    She got a BBL fo sho ? ?
  7. Toyota GR GT3 Concept

    But the Mazda 6 had little to nothing to do with this does it?
  8. Toyota Files Patent Application For A Clutch Operated Manual Trans For EVs

    Toyota have been mucking about with this conceptual design for a while. They showed a "Simulated manual" Auto transmission in the GR HV concept. Seems like most editors and commenters are actually railing this pretty hard. I think it's a novel concept. If well done it could actually be a heap...
  9. 👣 Official: Toyota Announces Manual Transmission Supra!

    Footnote, the global Yaris is *not* based on the Mazda 2 platform. And as @F1 Silver Arrows mentioned, The GR Yaris was backed by a Multi-Million dollar racing program where if we are being real, was not only about Toyota/Toyoda saying "lol fkoff, we can build properly brilliant sports cars by...
  10. Toyota GR GT3 Concept

    They've been awake for a hot minute, these things don't happen overnight.
  11. Toyota GR GT3 Concept

    100%. If it's being designed/built to go racing, the is absolutely no way, nor any reason for it to have a manual transmission. Not even a DCT. Sequential box it'll be.
  12. Take A Look At Toyota’s Early Design Proposals For The GR Supra MK5

    Nice to see these live on in the Lexus Electric Sport concept car
  13. New Toyota GR Yaris : Forged in the heat of World Rally competition

    I think that's rather optimistic. Looking fwd to see what they've done none the less.
  14. Toyota confirmed 3 sports car lineup: Toyota exec wants to bring back Celica, MR2

    S-FR was meant to be a Miata sibling? @A70TTR @Guff thoughts? Info that aligns with or refutes this?
  15. 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback & Sedan

    I think this is pure conjecture and rumor mongering on the media's part. Such a vehicle would step on the toes of the GR corolla and on the impreza.... no logical sense at all.