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  1. Bell Racing Gloves

    These are Bell 3.3/5 Nomex gloves - LARGE size. Worn only for 1 track day. Like new. $25.
  2. Hawk DTC 60 Front brake pads

    Sent u the pics. Lots of meat on these!
  3. Falken RT660 Review - 2500 miles to the Tail of the Dragon

    I just got rid of my '21 3.0. Wanted a track car. After sway bars (good investment) and 3 diff brake pads, including race pads, the car would still not stop reliability. Front end shudder, fade, spongy pedal. It was bled 3 times and Castrol SRF fluid. Noting helped the brakes. I'm curious...
  4. OBDLink CX - Used once - Done. $50.

    Dunno - I'm sure it will go soon! :)
  5. OBDLink CX - Used once - Done. $50.

    Thanks JC - but I no longer have the car. :)
  6. Hawk DTC 60 Front brake pads

    Used on track for 4 laps only. Like new. $100. (Orig $225.)
  7. OBDLink CX - Used once - Done. $50.

    OBDLink CX Bimmercode Bluetooth 5.1 BLE OBD2 Adapter for BMW/Mini, Works with iPhone/iOS & Android, Car Coding, OBD II Diagnostic Scanner Still in original box.
  8. Front & Rear OEM Anti-roll bars and end links.

    Replaced with Eibachs. Front - $150. Rear - $150. Both - $250.
  9. Stock lug bolts for sale

    $30. Replaced with stud extension.
  10. Resetting Service Lights - Brake Pad, Oil, & ETC. (CBS)

    Got as far as "Perform Reset?" Held the button - said "reset proceeding" or something. But then, "Reset Unsuccessful". Tried 5 times - same result. Any ideas?
  11. 2021 Nitro 3.0 - It's a sad day...

    But - I'm giving it up due to some life changes. Here's the link to it. The car is PRISTINE, with valuable upgrades. Only 3500miles...
  12. 3.0 base trim rear brake pads? (street + occasional track use)

    Had the same issue with a Base model. The base rear rotor is 330mm, ~1/2" smaller than the rear rotor on the premium. So far, the only pad I found to fit rear was the PowerStop. Crazy that they would decrease the rotor diameter in the base vs. premium!
  13. Just a yes or no lol

    per your instructions: Yes or No.
  14. Torque specs??

    I've seen a few people answer questions relating to the torque specs for various bolts/screws on the Supra. Where are you getting this info from? One person said the "Service Manual". Is there a manual that is different than the "Owner's Manual" that comes with the car? Does it list the specs...
  15. 👣 Official: Toyota Announces Manual Transmission Supra!

    Nope. Wouldn't have bought the car if it were manual.
  16. 21 Supra vs 21 NSX

    I had a '19 NSX in Thermal Orange. After 911's, GT4, and McL 12C - it was the best car I've ever driven., and in my opinion, the most beautiful. I did track it, and that leads to why I don't still own it. Maintenance costs are just STUPID! I figured for every 6 tracks days, I'd need brakes...
  17. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Z = BORING! Not sure what i's trying to be. Not much retro, nothing new/exotic...Looks like they gave someone a hammer and saw and said build a car!
  18. My worst nightmare… cover your sh*t!

    In AZ chips always a threat. I put a ClearPlex film on my windshield. ~ $400. Distorts the vision a bit, but I'll take that over chipped windshield. Esp for track use. You can see all the hits on the film.
  19. Do you find the paddle shifters awkward?

    Interesting takes on the fixed vs. attached to wheel paddles. I would think that having them stationary would be harder to shift in a turn. You'd have to take a hand off and reach for it - no??
  20. High turnover on MKV Supras?

    Also - A lot of "collectors" bought this car with the intention to sell, thinking it would be a good investment and return. Since it was the long-awaited reintro of the classic Toyo model. That game is always gong on. I've had 3 Porsches - no complaints on any of them, but this car for me is...