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  1. New Owner - So Much Hate?

    Hate? It’s the constant compliments and people wanting a photo with the car that’s more of a problem. Near daily happening. Bitter Civic guy is once in a blue moon.
  2. Car excessively burning oil?

    After a little back and forth with Toyota, I was able to sell it back to the dealership. I was lucky and got a little over $6k above what I paid for it new. I’m not sure that was any different than what Carmax would have paid ($55.5k). Dealership will work with me on getting a new one without...
  3. Car excessively burning oil?

    I had as few as 750 miles per quart.
  4. Toyota Files Patent Application For A Clutch Operated Manual Trans For EVs

    I love driving a manual and am very much for EVs as a critical part of addressing climate. Now, the value of the contortions manufacturers are going through to make EVs more like gassers are of unclear benefit to me, but cultures sometimes shift quickly and maybe this will help the move to EVs...
  5. No more Russia unlocks

    it know it’s just an internet carforum, but still - this is discourse?
  6. Thoughts on offset front plates?

    As you are in Texas, it is fortunate that those were not real gunshots (Yosemite Sam style).
  7. Manual Supra pricing

    That’s because you’re human. Science finally figured out that this is pretty normal and sometimes good. Your emotions might be telling you what choice will make you happiest. Of course, your emotions might be steering you to a horrible decision if you let them completely override thoughtful...
  8. Oh god, what have I done?

    When does following become stalking? Restraining order?
  9. Auto show.

    Yep. Lots of no shows particularly at DC. I like the new Z (the Supra more) and was surprised at how little traffic it got, especially in comparison to the Supra. The Z isn’t bad looking, but certainly underwhelming. I honestly like the looks of my old 370Z more, as dated as they are.
  10. Auto show.

    Oops! Yes.
  11. Auto show.

  12. Auto show.

  13. Auto show.

  14. Auto show.

  15. Your favorite modification?

    Convex mirrors. The ones that come on European spec’d BMWs. Makes lane changes less of a hopeful guess. Oh, and this:
  16. Technic PNP harness

    I don’t have any useful tips, but I did use their harness in my Supra to put 2 12s in. Worked perfectly, but had a friend I trust from Best Buy do the install. it’s a rather noticeable change in the frequency distribution especially when listening to contemporary urban selections.
  17. FS: $260 Fuel-It FLEX FUEL KIT for B58 Toyota GR Supra and BMW Z4 M40i -- Bluetooth & 5V × 1

    $260 Ethanol was far enough away that I decided not to install. New (never opened). Price includes shipping (domestic ground). Fuel-It FLEX FUEL KIT for B58 Toyota GR Supra and BMW Z4 M40i -- Bluetooth & 5V × 1
  18. What is weird with this forum.

    This thread is odd. Gary Busey odd. that’s odd.
  19. oops

    This could turn into a long thread with lots of submissions.
  20. DELMARVA Cars and Coffee this weekend?

    Anyone doing one of the cars and coffee events in the DELMARVA this weekend?