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  1. Arizona Supra Club

    1. It was June and hot. I was getting tired from getting up at 3:30 to make it to the track from Tucson. Did not want to make a mistake and wreck the car. Like the last ski run at 5:00 pm is the most likely to cause injuries. 2. Sorry to inadvertently make it sound like a free-for-all. I...
  2. Arizona Supra Club

    It had been a heavy raining season so I can't tell you what Wild Horse track would be like now. On my track day, I parked next to some regulars there and they told me to tape up the front hood to protect it from rocks (seeing that mine is a shiny Supra). So I did. Turned out I had to clean...
  3. Arizona Supra Club

    I did my HPDE at Bondurant Wild Horse track in June of this year (2021). It was educational and made me a better driver. I never had any desires to road race on the street, and after going through this course, I feel road racing on the street is the dumbest thing. Go to a real track and it...
  4. Coding AUX audio with Bimmercode

    Wow. Almost the entire interior is taken apart for this installation. A lot of crawling around and contorting one's body to get to all the spots. My lower back hurts just watching the video. Thanks to #Tomm63 for posting the video though!
  5. AMS Performance Alpha Kits Now Available! **NEW PRODUCTS**

    Look at that flat torque from 3000 - 5500 rpm. Nice!?
  6. Coding AUX audio with Bimmercode

    Uhhh ... what's MMI Prime for Android Auto?
  7. Watch out for narcs!

    Like Cee-Lo said "Ain't that some shit". Wow! Deputy Fife done earned his paycheck for the month. I hope he gets a bonus and treats Thelma Lou to some nice Chinese dinner in downtown Mayberry.
  8. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Thanks for putting this together. It provides data to back up a point that doesn't have to be made to many Supra owners, or curve lovers, alike.
  9. Who gets lip for buying a Supra?

    Properly placed sarcasm is a dead-on response! Love it.
  10. I accidentally pressed my push to start button twice

    Is your exhaust that loud that you wouldn't want to start it right next to the po-po? Apparently so ...! But I wouldn't categorize your experience with the recall definition since the car had time to start and rev up to 1000 rpm. You then hit it again to shut it down. This is not a quick...
  11. Signing Off

    The Miata was on my short list when I was shopping. I shied away from the Miata because it is so small and the wind noise quotient is high. My friend let me test drive her 3.0 Supra and it's got every thing I wanted, except the "joy stick". But after I experienced the ZF tranny, I rationalize...
  12. Who gets lip for buying a Supra?

    I hope all the "lips" everyone is getting about their Supra is on line only. It is extremely rude and sort of "cruising for bruising" walking up to someone's nice car (pride and joy) and started making disparaging comments, however tame. I've not experienced that myself, even at the track...
  13. Who gets lip for buying a Supra?

    Did you ask him when he plans on buying the non-BMW Z for himself since it will afford him the opportunity to "destroy" your Supra?
  14. My Pewter Supra Build Log

    Didn't Toyota already called this "Phantom Gray"?
  15. Compass ...?

    I remember seeing the compass displayed on my head unit when i first got the car. Been trying to get it back. After flipping through the manuals and all, i can't seem to find how to set this. Anyone? Why I need it: was on a road trip recently going through some remote and winding roads...
  16. Supra Coding Step By Step

    Is this so that the exhaust valve opens all the time? Where is Fuse F203? Pic?
  17. Arizona Supra Club

    I had an issue with mine last summer when the battery went completely dead, and was diagnosed to an open cell. Don't think this is your isse though. But I agree that Toyota Roadside Assistance sucks (for a >50k car). My incident happened on Sunday afternoon and after a long wait until 7 pm...
  18. Climate control question - feels like AC turns on even though it's off

    So what's the use of having the "A/C" button ? Speaking of buttons, does anyone know what the meaning of the "A" and "M" lights on the circulated air button? It's either the air is circulated or not. What does "A"uto and "M"anual mean?
  19. 2021 RAYS G025 BR/C Bordeaux Red Clear

    If the red highlight was machine finished .... eyegasm! What's up with the spoiler in the second photo?
  20. Climate control question - feels like AC turns on even though it's off

    You guys are not alone. I noticed this behavior soon after owning my Supra. It acts like it has its own mind. I've experienced the same thing you all described. The most consistent behavior is that the A/C still blows out cold air after the "A/C" button is in "Off" position. But eventually...