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  1. Toyota confirms Supra revival concept for 2016 reveal

    The fake image looks real enough but they trusted a random site in Russia? Smh. The specs are too optimistic imo but I won't complain if it comes close.
  2. MKV Toyota Supra Photoshops & Renders based on FT-1 & Prototypes

    Mini exotic definitely, almost has an Alfa 4C feel to it. I like it but at the same time hope they do a little more with it.
  3. Jalopnik: New Toyota Supra Rendering Based on Insider Info

    I think it looks alright. I really hope Toyota doesn't use the Z5's mirrors. In my opinion it needs better wheels and door mounted mirrors.
  4. Visual Comparison: Supra MKV prototype vs FT-1 Concept

    The lights both front and rear look like they are just slapped on just to deceive the eye. Toyota's rear lights have all been moving towards the curved/boomerang LEDs. The FT-1 had it and I'm betting the Supra will be no different. I doubt the halo sports car's lights will look this frumpy.
  5. New Toyota Supra rumored to get Toyota twin turbo V6 engine

    That's what I am hoping. I would be surprised to see both a gas and hybrid model since I think the Supra is going to be very small volume (at least at first) especially if the pricing is 70 grand and above.
  6. Hybrid Supra Rumors & Chatter / B58 hybrid

    Two questions I'm anxious to have answered is whether the V6 or the hybrid will be the sportier or more expensive option and which will have more HP. It'll also be interesting to see how the hybrid could be tuned in the aftermarket compared to the V6.
  7. 2020 Toyota Supra production to begin 2018, by Magna Steyr, Austrian manufacturer

    But they wouldn't have split up the manufacturing and each produce some. The cars will probably need to be made on the same plant I assume, like how Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) manufactures both the FR-S and BRZ. Maybe 60k units is too much for either company to take on by themself.
  8. Red Toyota FT-1 Concept at Various Auto Shows & Events

    Scion being axed probably has no effect on the Supra project. But the economy and currency fluctuations definitely could.
  9. Toyota confirms Supra revival concept for 2016 reveal

    I would be shocked if they did. Then again there was no warning when FT1 dropped. If they don't itll be back in hibernation I go on this rollout that looks to be going nowhere.
  10. Toyota FT-1 Concept on Jay Leno's Garage

    How do we know the Supra trunk will open like the LFA?
  11. The Engine Speculation Thread

    I see no reason they would choose now to drop a V8 into the Supra. Look at its partner in this project and the M3 actually had a V8 in its past.
  12. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    Really wish we'd start getting more news from TOYOTA about this joint development rather than BMW.
  13. 40th anniversary for Toyota's Calty Design Research, Creators of the FT-1 Concept

    Are they going to tell us it's moved to the "concept" phase ...again? Definitely looking like a 2018 or later now.
  14. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    Wtf? I can't tell the ass from the head. Poor honda lost its way. Good thing the Civic is getting a kick start
  15. New Supra and Z4 will share platforms

    Oh I thought you were talking about Toyota funding most of the BMW joint project.
  16. Any Cayman GT4 fans?

    I've yet to see a color on this car I don't like!
  17. New rumors from C&D: 2020 Supra to get BMW inline six engine / B58 & S58 chat

    Yea M cars are always underrated. The M3/M4 dyno'd at 421whp and 410wtq with STD correction. Reults from:
  18. New rumors from C&D: 2020 Supra to get BMW inline six engine / B58 & S58 chat

    Good points! What if the inline turbo six that's being speculated isn't the M3/M4's S55 but the upcoming M2's tuned-up N55 engine, only even more tuned up (either by BMW or Toyota) for the Supra?? Info on that engine -
  19. New Supra and Z4 will share platforms

    That true? Never read anything on each company's financial share of the project.
  20. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    If the two production sports cars from the joint venture came out looking like this, I'd think Toyota will make way more buzz with this design.