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  1. Georgia A90 Supra and Coffee meet 9/26/21

    GA A90 Supra and Coffee meet on 9/26/21 (Sunday) 7660 North Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30022 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
  2. FS: Project Kics Neo chrome r40 BNIB m12x1.25 lugs.

    BNIB: Project Kics r40 Neo chrome lugs m12xP1.25 (authentic ones) (not fakes!!) These retail for $237. I am selling them bc I ordered the wrong size for my other car. Asking $215 shipped
  3. Has anybody replaced the stock gray TPMS valve stem with another color?

    Has anybody replaced the stock ugly gray TPMS valve stem with another color? Post photos if you got an aftermarket valve stem cover or nut to replace it.
  4. FS GA: Mint 19” Mag blue te37SL’s + center caps/adapters (PENDING)

    Going back to stock wheels.. Mint (500 miles) no marks mag blue te37SL’s with center caps / adapters (no tires) Asking $3600 Bc of center caps/adapters. Currently there is a 6-9 months wait from Japan for these wheels if ordered. 19x9.5 +22 front 19x10.5 +35 front 5x112 Can sell...
  5. A90 vs m440i

    Damn, that wasn’t even close. lol Hahaha
  6. How long do you plan on keeping your A90/A91?? :)

    I haven't seen any threads about this and I been seeing alot of people selling their A90/A91 after a few months to a year. Just curious. How long do you plan on keeping your Supra?
  7. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    Car has only 600 Miles currently and maintenance light is on “10,000 miles and 12/20. I know low miles. Lol I plan on doing an oil change next week myself and today I was unable to reset the oil maintenance light because it says “Impossible.” ?‍♂️ I wanted to reset the oil light first bc...
  8. FS: Honda/Acura k20 neo chrome valve cover + oil cap + coil pack covers

    I know this an A90 Supra forum but seeing how I had a ton of messages from Honda guys on here, I figured it wouldn't hurt to put it on here. Since the normal Honda kids these day don't seem like to spend any money. lol One off k20 Neo chrome cover ($950)+ shipping, oil cap ($135)+ shipping...
  9. Tons of OG decals for-sale (Volk racing, SSR, Ccw wheels land etc

    I found my huge sticker dash from back in the 1995 Import Scene. Who remembers NOPI nationals? I think I got it the last 3 event decals. The blue Volk racing decals are sold already. Sorry! Lol Highlight decals: authentic red Volk racing Te37 SL spoke decals. (Sealed) (authenticate) CCW...
  10. New Toyota software updates for the 2020?

    I am just curious has anybody contacted Toyota if they plan on releasing new software updates for the existing 2020 owners? I know some of us are a little bummed out about the 2021 and its new updates. But some software updates would definitely make some of us more cheerful. "There are new...
  11. Factory rear upper strut bar removal for more seat room??

    Out of curiosity, has anybody removed the stock rear strut bar and left it off completely and tried to adjust the seats back more? I am asking because when I try to recline my seats, it hits the rear strut bar and can't go back/lean down anymore. I am wondering if removed, will...
  12. Torque specs for front strut bolts and etc

    I can’t find it anywhere online. Does anybody know the torque specs of the front upper strut bolts? And the front hood hinge washer bolts(under front of hood) as well? if somebody can post all the torque specs here. That would be super helpful. Thanks!!
  13. FS: GR Supra Decals for Weather Tech Mats

    I got some extra Supra decals for the Weather Tech mats for sale. A pair for $10.00 shipped in the USA. Pm me if interested.
  14. Do you guys ever get tired of others bashing your A90 Supra? / Tired of the BMW comments?

    So, my wife came to me today and asked me why is everybody hating on our new Supra. She said a female coworker of hers came up to her and said your Supra is made by BMW and your motor won't last long. And another questioned the price and etc.. List goes on. Wife loves the car and think its...
  15. Question on power of usb cigg light adapter

    When the doors are locked and all power is supposedly killed, does the USB adapter plug (cigg adapter) light ever go off? My light stays blue still even with doors locked. And with it plugged in, will it drain your battery overnight? Anybody has experience with this? All my other cars, the...
  16. (SOLD!!) FS: gt30r 2006 Acura RSX-S (super mint)

    Not sure if this is allowed, the forum didn't say it had to be only Supras for sale. Most of the Honda forums/fb pages don't have any money. lol Super Mint 2006 Acura Rsx Type S Under 74,000 miles Purchased brand new back in 2006 with 1 mile. Newly changed Mobil 1 0w40 Synthetic Oil with Oem...
  17. Aftermarket lug nuts

    Just wondering if anybody has installed any aftermarket lug nuts for their aftermarket wheels yet? I know the A90 has lug bolts with threads rather than your typical hun studs where you thread a lug nut onto it.
  18. What was your out the door price on your Supra?

    Everybody post what your out the door price was on your Supra and which dealership? :) I have gotten two prices, $54k for a base and $59k for a prem, both at World Toyota in GA. I am thinking I can get it even lower.