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  1. Wrap fake door vent?

    Just wondering if anyone has attempted this. I would like to do it CF wrap but being it is textured, seems difficult to pull off. Not replacing the whole door garnish with CF.
  2. Make the Supra quieter on highways

    I did a road trip in my ā€˜21 and it was not enjoyable. Cabin measured about 70-75db on my Apple Watch on highways. Is there a way to quiet the car down (road and wind noise)? If not, I will take the $10k loss since Iā€™d rather have a convertible if I wanted a noisy weekend or track car.
  3. Which dealer in MA to service Supra?

    Has anyone had any good experiences? I need to get a door rattle fixed and the GPS activated (purchasing dealer forgot to do that part). Thanks!